Colorado BHA Tivoli Brewing Pint Night Propels Chapter To Over 1,100 Members


Denver area Colorado BHA members (and guests/friends) recently met up for a Public Lands Pint Night (on Thursday, December 7) at Tivoli Brewing Company Tap House in Denver. BHA members were encouraged to bring a non-member guest. If guests became a member at the Pint Night, they received drink coupons and raffle tickets. And a big shout-out to Brandon Welch and Stephanie Ryman of Tivolio Brewing!

In the words of Colorado BHA member Russ Bassett, one of the Pint Night organizers: “Thank you so much for hosting the BHA Denver Pint Night yesterday evening. Ya’ll did a fantastic job. The service, the food and the venue were all top notch. We raised more money and got more members than I’ve ever seen at one of these things, and much of that was due to partnering with you for the venue. Thanks again for all you’re doing for BHA.” Colorado BHA Denver Group Leader, Ian DuClos (who also helped organize the event), added: “Awesome to see the incredible turn out! Thanks to everyone who came and made tonight such a success!”

“I’m not sure we’ve ever had one that big and the member conversion/renewal that came out of it was pretty damn impressive,” said BHA State Policy Coordinator Tim Brass. “Close to 50 member/renewals. Thanks for your efforts in doing the hard work to pull it together. Hopefully we can build on this success and capture some of the energy on future events and policy efforts.”

Colorado BHA member, Ryan Dumville, added: “Shout to Ian and Russell! Thank you for doing all the heavy lifting at tonights Denver pint night!! Stoked to see such a great turn out.”

“The energy that’s continuing to build around BHA’s boots-on-the-ground efforts to protect and perpetuate our great public lands hunting and angling heritage is undeniable,” Colorado BHA chairman, David Lien (a former U.S. Air Force officer) said. “BHA leaders and partners like Ian, Russ, Brandon and Stephanie (among many others) are the heart and soul, the boots-on-the-ground that make it all possible. We need many more like them. And thanks to their ongoing hard work and selflessness Colorado BHA has rocketed to over 1,100 members!”

And as BHA founder, Mike Beagle (a former U.S. Army artillery officer), noted: “What we started 13 years ago around a campfire has grown into a forest fire. BHA is getting better and better. The best is yet to come!”

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