Cody Area BHA Volunteers Shine

On Saturday, June 5th Cody Chapter Leaders Kayla Nagle and Megan Mclean led a work project on the Little Sunlight Trail. We had a good turnout for the trail clearing, with 11 people clearing 4 miles of the little sunlight trail. The trail was actually in good shape so we were done by noon and able to enjoy some hiking in beautiful country. Thank you to all of the volunteers who showed up and to Chapter Leaders Megan and Kayla for putting this together!
On Friday the 11th, Sheridan chapter leader and board member Pete Kassab, members Len Fortunato, Bruce Fauskee, Keith Mclean and Cody chapter leaders Megan Mclean and Kayla Nagle helped set up the 3D targets on two different courses. Members hauled the targets onto the course, then helped to get them set in place with rebar. In return for help with setting up the course BHA was allowed to set up a booth near the registration area of the shoot. During the Archery shoot on the 12th and 13th, Len Fortunato and Cody chapter lead Kayla Nagle volunteered their time to sit at the booth, and then helped with tear down of the course on Sunday. While at the booth, Len and Kayla were able to introduce people to BHA and gather some contact information from those who were interested in joining BHA. 
K-Z is the largest 3-D archery shoot in Wyoming located in the Absaroka Mountains and it draws archers from all over Wyoming and surrounding states. The shoot has two full courses as well as many novelty shoots and youth events. This year the shoot had 325 archers sign up. The weekend is closed with a large raffle drawing and awards ceremony. 
The Cody archery Club was very thankful for the assistance of BHA and the northern Wyoming BHA group was very thankful for the opportunity to have a booth at the event, meet new people and get the word out about BHA. Many of us hope to not only volunteer next year, but also be able to shoot the course as well. It was a really fun couple of days and I hope that we are able to find more interested people and grow our presence in northern WY.   
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