Co-Chair Ron Rohrbaugh, Jr.

Ron Rohrbaugh is Assistant Director of the Conservation Science Program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and an active, professional conservation biologist.

In addition to his career as a conservation biologist, Ron is an avid traditional bowhunter and freelance writer. His writing focuses on his hunting and travel experiences, and using storytelling to examine the links between hunting and conservation. Ron has published more than 30 feature length articles in publications such as Traditional Bowhunter Magazine, Bowhunter, Deer and Deer Hunting, and The Professional Bowhunter Magazine.

Ron is passionate about preserving our nation's hunting heritage, and amplifying the role that hunters play in conservation of our land and waters.

His professional career currently focuses on developing conservation and recovery plans for landbirds, including threatened and endangered species such as the Golden-winged Warbler; creating conservation strategies and tools for use on public and private lands, especially those owned or managed by land trusts; studying avian migration ecology to guide placement of new wind energy facilities and mitigate collision mortality at existing facilities; and teaching and training Cornell undergraduate students in laboratory and field research techniques.

As an applied conservation biologist, Ron has special interest in translating science from applied and basic research into conservation strategies aimed at habitat enhancement, mitigation, and population recovery.

Ron completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at The Pennsylvania State University and has been on the staff at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology since 1996. He has published more than 100 professional papers, popular articles, conservation plans, and Best Management Practice guides. He is an accomplished administrator, manager, and fundraiser; having served as PI or Co-PI on more than 15 successful grants in the past five years.

Ron lives in the Finger Lakes Region of New York on a 36-acre homestead with his wife Debbie and son Rex. Together they enjoy gardening, restoring their old farmhouse, and managing their timberland for wildlife.

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