CO BHA Chapter Leaders Spearhead Fence Removal Efforts in Gunnison


On June 1st Colorado Chapter Leader John Chandler organized a fence removal project that included 25 volunteers, local staff from Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), and members of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA). Everyone who participated in this project worked together to improve wildlife habitat on the Almont Triangle.


The Almont Triangle is a significant block of habitat that lies between Taylor Canyon and Hwy 135. The majority of the land is managed by the US Forest Service and a smaller portion, Almont Triangle State Wildlife Area, is managed by CPW. It provides important habitat for deer, elk, and Gunnison sage grouse. For deer and elk, the area is most important during the winter months. The work that has been done by CPW and BHA consisted of removing old barbed wire fencing on Almont Triangle State Wildlife Area. The fence no longer served a purpose for cattle grazing and had been in poor condition for many years. Fences can be a hazard for wildlife, especially on big game winter range and when wires become loose or twisted. When big game animals have to cross fences, it requires them to spend extra energy and exposes them to injury. Occasionally, deer or elk can become caught in a fence and die. Thanks to volunteers from the Gunnison and Crested Butte area, there are now 2 fewer miles of fence within important wildlife habitat. 


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