Catch + Cook for a Healthy Ocean Recap

The 2022 Catch + Cook for a Healthy Ocean Competition brought together an incredible community to celebrate wild food, coastal access and the good stewardship of our natural resources. 

A huge thank you goes out to our event partners, Fin + Forage, for their role in helping to make the event an incredible success.

The annual Monterey Catch & Cook for a Healthy Ocean Competition is a family-friendly event where a freedive-spearfisher competes to create the best wild fare before a panel of professional and celebrity chefs. Participants catch their seafood recipe ingredients from nearby coastal waters, and then cook their meal outside at Del Monte Beach in Monterey, CA. Meanwhile, family and friends of competitors are invited to join in a beach clean-up competition. Numerous prizes were be awarded for Best Meal, Heaviest Fish, the Beach Clean-up and much more including urchin culling incentives and a huge raffle. 

This year's event featured over $25,000 in prizes donated from 34 different event sponsors including big names such as Messermeister Knives, Traeger, Omer, and many, many more. This event would not have been what it was without the generous contributions from our Corporate Partners and we are very grateful for their support.


1st Place: Aaron Koseba @coolerchef

catch and cook 1st place

2nd Place: Huan “So Low” Le @huanso_low

catch and cook 2nd place

3rd Place: Samantha Johnson @ithaca22girl

catch and cook 3rd

Executive Award: Daniel Kim @bigbigtuna

executive award

Big Fish: Emmanuel “The Scallop Whisperer” DM @emmanuel_2m

lingcod with monkey faced eel

Honorable Mention: Daisy Valdivieso @daisyvaldivieso

Urchin Culling Award: Dan Levy @waddeesay

purple urchins

Beach Clean Up Award: Rebekah Phillips @rebekah_seas

beach clean up

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All of the recipes from this incredible event will be included in the limited edition 2022 Catch + Cook Competition Cookbook.

rockfish tempura

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