Cap Chat Chronicles - Turkey Seminar w/ Kyle Ott Part 1
February 22
Starting at 7pm
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Cap Chat Chronicles - Turkey Seminar w/ Kyle Ott Part 1

Come spend an exciting hour with Kyle Ott as he discusses turkey hunting tactics, calling strategies and the quest to kill a turkey in 49 States.  Kyle is a member of the Mossy Oak pro staff, has completed multiple Grand Slams, the Single Season Grand Slam and has guided for some of the biggest names in turkey hunting.  This seminar will be an entertaining, informative experience that is filled with diverse perspective and helpful insight that can be applied to public and private land hunting.

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Kyle Ott has been obsessively hunting and learning about the wild turkey since his childhood. He has successfully pursued elk, whitetail deer, and waterfowl around the United States but the wild turkey is his greatest passion.  Kyle is currently pursuing the US Super Slam, has hunted turkeys in 34 states, guided for charity events and professionally, and he is a member of the Mossy Oak Pro Staff.


  • Personal introduction
  • The wild turkey, it’s basic needs and the places they live
  • The spring breeding cycle, what’s happening and how it influences turkey behavior 
  • Locating turkeys on public and private land. A. Habitat assessment 
  • Successfully hunting the wild turkey 
  • Camoflage
  • Gear (Vests, headnets, gloves, boots, clothing
  • Guns (gauges, sights, shells, choke construction, sling)
  • Calls (diaphragms, pot, box, scratch box, trumpets
  • Vocalizations (Yelp, cluck, cutt, purr, fly down cackle and the variations of each of those)
  • Operating and improving realism on the basic call platforms
  • Basic hunting strategies
  • Fly down
  • Mid-day
  • Fly up
  • Planning and executing economical road trip
  • Wild turkey decline in the United States, our roles as stewards, trapping and property management
  • Post seminar Q&A session 
February 22, 2021 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Virtual - Zoom
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