Hoosiers must preserve investment in public land

The following is an excerpt from an Op-Ed written By Dan Boritt, executive director of Indiana Wildlife Federation and Scott Salmon, a board member of Indiana Backcountry Hunters & Anglers published in the April 20, 2023 edition of the News and Tribune. Read the complete piece HERE. 


"Governor Holcomb put forth a budget allotting $25 million to increase public land purchases. This investment, thought significant, is a minute portion of a budget that tops $45 billion, less than 0.001% of the overall budget. Despite the tiny percentage, this funding would be transformational for Hoosiers throughout our state. This money, when leveraged through private funds, magnifies the impact and would help to allow all of us to access additional land that would otherwise be unavailable to us. As Hoosiers across the state long for more outdoor opportunities, the recently proposed Senate budget assails the funds available to add more public lands to Indiana. These lands are often the only opportunity for Hoosiers to hunt and fish, unless they are fortunate to own private lands that are suitable for these activities. With diminishing access to land, traditions that have been part of families for generations are increasingly being put at risk."


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