BHA Podcast & Blast, Ep. 139: Kyle Lybarger, Native Habitat Project

Kyle Lybarger, a 29-year-old consulting forester, father, deer-hunter, small creek addict and self-proclaimed “native plant nerd” of Hartselle, Alabama, is a major part of a new and wonderful current sweeping America. Kyle’s Native Habitat Project videos – simple, one-minute vignettes of obscure native plants, remnant grasslands and wildlife-vibrant native plant landscapes – have been downloaded millions of times. The Native Habitat Project is bizarre insects and forgotten plants, science from the heart and soul, love of place, sense of wonder, mostly right under our noses (some of Kyle’s most intact ancient grassland remnants were discovered by the local Dollar Store). For a nation exhausted by abstraction and thirsting for the irrefutably real, Kyle Lybarger’s life work is a tin cup of cold water from a deeper well. 

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