BHA Podcast & Blast, Bonus Episode: The Largest Conservation Opportunity of Our Lifetime

The largest public lands conservation opportunity in our lifetime is at hand.

The Bureau of Land Management is finalizing plans for the long-term management of an expanse of public lands in Alaska that is larger than the state of Ohio.  There are 28 million acres at stake, an unfathomable wealth of wildlife, big game, fisheries, waterfowl, and the headwaters of rivers like the Kuskokwim and the Yukon. These are known as the D1 Lands, protected from mining and energy development by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971.

In 2020, the management of these lands was thrown into limbo. Now, the BLM is asking for the American people to determine the future of these lands.

Join us to learn more, as Hal interviews Alaskan Rachel James, of Salmon State.  

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