Tennessee Baiting Bill - HB1618/SB1942

There is a concerning bill regarding baiting of wildlife in the State of Tennessee we want to bring to your attention. HB1618/SB1942 would allow a person to hunt deer and hogs on private property where bait is present, essentially allow you to use bait to hunt. This can be detrimental to both hunters and for wildlife throughout Tennessee! 

Currently, the law allows for supplemental feeding of wildlife with a requirement that the feed be removed prior to hunting the property. 


HB1618/SB1942 would allow a person to hunt deer and feral hogs where bait is present on privately owned land. 


Click HERE to read SB1942

Click HERE to read HB1618 


For some great detailed information, please CLICK HERE check out this informational sheet provided by our friends over at Tennessee Wildlife Federation.


The bill is currently in the State Government Committee in the House and will be heard on Wednesday 2/21. If it passes in that committee it gets that much closer to becoming law. Here is where you come in:

  1. Check the committee member list to see if your representative is on the committee. (State Government Committee Link) If they are reach out to them before the deadline next Wednesday. Tell them in your words why you believe baiting for wildlife will be a negative for TN wildlife.
  2. For the rest of the committee (or all of it if your representative isn’t on the committee), reach out to them before Wednesday’s deadline and let them know your views on baiting for wildlife. 

The most effective messages come from the heart and in your own words. Emphasize the wildlife science. The most effective messages are your individual voice to your own legislator. If your legislator is not on the committee your voice is still important. Let them know what you think about the issue. An email or call to a legislator is a powerful tool. 


Thank you for your continued support of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and Tennessee’s wild public lands/waters and creatures. 



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