AZ Aug Board Meeting - Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Minutes from  Aug 14th AZ BHA Board Meeting

  • Accounting
    • National payment sent to Jim (wrong address originally) - Jim received the first set of checks from earlier this year. Should be good to go moving forward.
  • Golf Fundraiser
    • Golf prize feedback. I reached out to Canyon (no word yet) - Canyon can get us a 125qt cooler at a discount. A good option, but we should still try and get some local donations before we spend any money.
    • send out to contacts - Please send this link to any of your contacts who may support the cause.
  • Thoughts on setting up official by-laws? DRAFT example is attached for review. Everyone on the call was good with this moving forward. I will send a separate email regarding current roles and ask for some volunteers to fill some gaps if needed. Please let me know if you have any issues/questions on this.
  • Chapter leader/officer roles - See above.
  • Events: Sep 7th Pint Night in Prescott, Golf and after party on Sept 16th, Tucson Pint Night??? - Tucson pint night in early to mid Oct? Need to give bar owner a date.
  • 2018 Event plans - See email from Jason regarding 2018 plans. Please think of any events you want to make sure we do again next year and/or suggest new ones.

 By the way. I just checked the Nation builder site and we have grown from about 180 members to 309 members in the last couple months. Lets keep up the momentum!!

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