Armed Forces Initiative Leadership


Armed Forces Initiative Staff



Trevor Hubbs, Armed Forces Initiative Program Coordinator

Trevor grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois. He enlisted in the Army after High-school and volunteered for the Airborne Infantry where he served for 6 years, before becoming an ROTC instructor at Eastern Illinois University.

After transitioning out of the military Trevor became a business consultant primarily in the construction industry working with 5-15 million dollar companies developing processes and procedures to standardize their business practices.  

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Armed Forces Initiative Program Assistant

DoD SkillBridge Intern

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Armed Forces Initiative National Board

Shawn McCarthy, Chair

Moving from Colorado to upstate New York to Arizona throughout the course of his childhood, joining the Navy to see the world just seemed to be the natural thing for Shawn to do.  He served as a Submarine Torpedoman, retiring in 2018 after a 24-year career.  Throughout that time, he deployed 14 times across the globe on "boats" that conducted anti-piracy operations, anti-terrorist missions, carrier strike group operations, Naval Special Warfare unit employment, and nuclear deterrent patrols.  In between his times at sea, he always managed to re-center himself in some wild place with gun, bow, or rod in hand.   

A mentor by nature, Shawn was drawn by AFI's mission, where he served as Washington's AFI Liaison from 2022 to 2024.  He currently lives in Western Washington with his wife, 2 daughters, and their 3 Labrador Retrievers (Sage, Hank, & Boone).  In his time off, he can be found off the beaten path making up for lost time by camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, or volunteering with his family and friends.




Vice Chair

Rafael Vargas, Secretary

Rafael was born and raised in North Central Florida.  He spent his summers on Florida's lakes fishing for largemouth bass or on the Gulf of Mexico chasing grouper and snapper.  After attending the United States Naval Academy and commissioning as a Naval Officer, he served as a Submarine Officer.  He has deployed to Europe and the Middle East to conduct anti-piracy operations, anti-terrorism missions, carrier strike group operations, anti-submarine operations and other missions vital to national security.  He most recently served as Chief Nuclear Engineer on a fast attack submarine in Connecticut prior to completing his active duty time in the 2024.

Throughout his time on active duty, he always managed to make time to chase elk out West or whitetails in New England.  As a hunter, fisherman and trapper, the mission of BHA and AFI appealed to him since becoming a member in 2018.  Since 2022, he took a more active role serving as the Connecticut AFI Liaison and New England AFI Operations Manager.  He currently resides in Connecticut with his family and takes every opportunity to get outdoors on public land and mentor future hunters and anglers.



LTC Andrew Ruszkiewicz, Treasurer 

Andy was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin and spent most of his summers in the northern part of the state at a family cabin chasing smallmouth bass, walleye, crappie, and muskies. After attending college and commissioning as an Army Officer he served in numerous assignments with five years in the conventional Army and 13 in Army Special Operations.  Andy has completed 6 combat deployments in support of operations in Afghanistan, East and West Africa, Iraq, and served a year in Korea. He currently serves as the Professor of Military Science and Commander of the University of New Hampshire Wildcat BN ROTCAndy is married to his amazing wife Monica and they have three awesome kids, Tucker(10), Blair(7) and Luke(3). 

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Dalton Wayne, Communications Manager

Though a relatively new hunter, Dalton was born into a camping and fishing family and spent most of his childhood on the diverse waters of his home state of Louisiana. He joined the Army after high school where he was in the Infantry for two years before being medically retired for a severe back injury. Back at home, he took to the outdoors to keep the black dog of depression at bay, yet he still longed for purpose. After a chance meeting with D.J. Zor at a gas station in Idaho’s Clearwater National Forest, he learned about the Armed Forces Initiative. He immediately found a new mission in conservation and served as the Southeast AFI Liaison from 2022-2024. A professional musician and freelance writer, Dalton currently resides in Baton Rouge with his family, where he enjoys trapping, fly-fishing, and chasing his GSP around in search of quail and woodcock.

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Garrett Robinson, Eastern Region Manager

Garrett grew up in the rural farm country of southern Pennsylvania where he developed his deep passion for all things outdoors.  Whether it be hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc, he wanted to be involved.  After high school he joined the Marine Corps where he served 26 years as an enlisted Marine and retiring as a Master Gunnery Sergeant.  He currently lives in Northern Virginia and works as an operations analyst for Katmai Government Services.  The outdoors is his passion and enjoys hunting all over the country.  Getting into the backcountry is where he feels most at home and loves nothing more than introducing others to the amazing opportunities that await anyone willing to walk the trail into our wild public lands and waters.  

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  Stephanie Davidson, Western Region Manager    

Stephanie is a hunter and angler who grew up in Southern Arizona. She completed 10 years in the Air Force and continues to serve in the Reserves. After transitioning out of Active Duty, Stephanie continued her Cybersecurity career as a government contractor. She has always been an advocate for the outdoors but really took action after she started her own family. Realizing what an impact organizations like BHA make, she began working with the AFI chapters.  In her free time, Stephanie is with her family camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, and volunteering.  

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Kyle Wheeler, Major Gifts and Donations Manager

After serving as an enlisted man in the 82nd Airborne division, Kyle attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and went on to serve as an Artillery Officer for 20 years.  Kyle is now a freelance business consultant in the Bozeman area as well as a fly fishing guide for Dan Bailey. 

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DJ Zor, Corporate Partnerships Manager

DJ Zor is a Lifetime member of BHA.  In the past, he has served with great effect on the Arizona Trout Unlimited Board and the BHA State Board.  DJ recently moved to Montana with his family and is a massive asset to the AFI Team in the Area. In December of 2021, DJ was asked to join the National Advisory Board in our Corporate partnerships position and he graciously accepted. DJ is a Navy Sub-Mariner and looks the part. 

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Joe Trottier, AFI Canada

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Hunter Owen, Eastern Region Conservation and Policy Representative

Hunter was a military brat born in North Carolina, who moved to and grew up in Tampa, Florida. He joined the Army in 2006, and spent the bulk of his career at Fort Liberty, NC. After being medically discharged and spending a short time living and working in Washington D.C., Hunter packed up his family, and moved back to the center of the universe, Fort Liberty, NC. He currently works as a civilian for a special operations command. Hunter did not grow up in a hunting family and faced many of the same barriers-to-entry of hunting found by many looking to get started. After reaching out to BHA AFI, Hunter quickly became an avid outdoorsman. In his free time Hunter enjoys hunting, fishing, and working to better the public lands we all love. 

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Dustin Spilman, Western Region Conservation and Policy Representative

Dustin was born into an upland bird hunting family in southeast Kansas. His lifelong passion for hunting and fishing was fueled by his Father and Grandfather from an early age. Enlisting in the Navy in 2000, he trained as a Submariner, and served on boats stationed at Naval Submarine Base Bangor in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Through random chance, he was introduced to some long-time elk hunters who took a liking to him and ignited an obsession.  This newfound hobby took him down the rabbit hole of archery hunting big game on large swaths of public land. After separating from Active-Duty, he moved into government contracting where he continued to support the fleet and train Sailors.  After hearing a speech about what the Armed Forces Initiative is and what they do, he knew that is where he wanted to be.  He found himself a place where he can have the opportunity to pass on his love for public lands and conservation to the next generation as they were passed on to him. Dustin currently resides in northeast Oklahoma with his family and two retrievers and takes every opportunity to chase big game and upland birds on public land.

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Armed Forces Initiative Regional & State/Provincial Liaisons


Alabama Dalton Wayne [email protected]
Alaska David May [email protected]
Arizona Stephanie Davidson [email protected]
Arkansas Stephen Lonon [email protected]
California - Northern Rob McMahon [email protected]
California - Southern Reina Seraaj [email protected]
Colorado Matthew Lee [email protected]
Connecticut Nate Camp [email protected]
Delaware Garrett Robinson [email protected]
Florida Nolan O'Connor [email protected]
Georgia Tyler Thompson [email protected]
Hawaii Stephanie Davidson [email protected]
Idaho Tom Walton [email protected]
Illinois Rylee Luebbe [email protected]
Indiana Garrett Robinson [email protected]
Iowa Garrett Robinson [email protected]
Kansas Matthew Nicholl [email protected]
Kentucky Pete Ralston [email protected]
Louisiana Dalton Wayne [email protected]
Maine Eli Ellis [email protected]
Maryland Nick Wallace [email protected]
Massachusetts Tom Bleifuss [email protected]
Michigan Eric McGhee [email protected]
Minnesota Shon Waery [email protected]
Mississippi Dalton Wayne [email protected]
Missouri Garrett Robinson [email protected]
Montana Scott Carroll [email protected]
Nebraska Dustin McKenna [email protected]
Nevada Stephanie Davidson

[email protected]

New Hampshire Kevin Williams

[email protected]

New Jersey Cody Fongemie

[email protected]

New Mexico Tim Smith

[email protected]

New York Ryan Masse [email protected]
North Carolina Marty Bartram [email protected]
North Dakota Liam Hale [email protected]
Ohio Paul Verga [email protected]
Oklahoma Robert Land [email protected]
Pennsylvania Andy Lehman [email protected]
Rhode Island Cody Fongemie [email protected]
South Carolina Dan Holloran [email protected]
South Dakota Stephanie Davidson [email protected]
Tennessee Trailson Moore [email protected]
Texas Dell Bennett [email protected]
Utah Stephanie Davidson [email protected]
Vermont Spencer Como [email protected]
Virginia Garrett Robinson [email protected]
Washington Shawn McCarthy [email protected]
West Virginia Garrett Robinson [email protected]
Wisconsin Mike Verhoeven [email protected]
Wyoming Andrew Earp [email protected]


British Columbia Steve NiKirk [email protected]


Great Lakes Region

(MI, MN, OH, WI)

Mike Verhoeven [email protected]

New England Region

(CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT)

Cody Fongemie [email protected]

South East Region

(AL, LA, MS)

Dalton Wayne [email protected]


Armed Forces Initiative Installation Clubs


Fort Liberty, NC Hunter Owen [email protected]
MCB Camp Lejeune, NC Carey Hamil [email protected]
Mountain Home AFB, ID Hunter Whitten [email protected]
Minot AFB, SD Liam Hale [email protected]
Fort Wainwright, AK Nate Kittredge [email protected]
Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, AK Marc Duval [email protected]
Kodiak Coast Guard Station, AK Ryan Hess [email protected]
Fort Knox, KY David Spess [email protected]
Fort Huachuca, AZ Leland Hart [email protected]
Vandenberg SFB, CA Jeremy Camacho [email protected]
Kirtland AFB, NM Joe Corrigan [email protected]
Fort Carson, CO Jonathan Dotson [email protected]
F. E. Warren AFB, WY John Spencer [email protected]
Hampton Roads, VA Kellen Stauss [email protected]
Malmstrom AFB, MT Jacob Siebel

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Fort Cavazos, TX Chad Maynor

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We are seeking volunteer leaders in multiple states and installations.  Please fill out the information at the link below to start the application process. 


AFI Volunteer Leader Application