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Welcome to the Alaska Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. We strive to be an engaged group of sportsmen and women who place high value on a quality backcountry experience. Our mission is to champion wild public lands in Alaska; defend backcountry opportunities to hunt, fish, and explore in primitive settings; and promote ethical and informed land use decisions.


From the tip of the panhandle to the shores of the Arctic Ocean, Alaska has over 220 million acres of federal public land and nearly 100 million acres of state land. These vast tracts of land provide an expansive range of opportunity, adventure and challenge to hunters, anglers and other outdoor lovers. They also present unique, large and diverse challenges to sportsmen and women who want to preserve our outdoor traditions and the backcountry experience.

As a Chapter, we recognize and value the uniqueness of Alaska. Our Chapter Board will continue working to build and develop strong, diverse coalitions of Alaskans across our state's regions and communities. We aim to always be learning from and engaging with our members and supporters from around the state. We will strive to build and maintain a grassroots, volunteer based organization that continues to stand up for our wild public lands, waters and wildlife in Alaska. 

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