A Big Win for Sportsmen and Wildlife in Colorado

In a big win for sportsmen and wildlife, this week the Colorado State Legislature passed two separate pieces of legislation securing critical funding for Colorado Parks and Wildlife and other important conservation programs like Great Outdoors Colorado.

This recent success shows what we can get done when sportsmen, conservation groups and other recreation interest work together for our public lands, water and wildlife.

The Future Generations Act (SB18-143) or CPW Fee bill passed this Thursday and is headed to the Governor’s desk where it is expected to be signed. The future of our hunting and fishing traditions depends on CPW’s ability to effectively manage our wildlife and habitat resources. The funding this bill secures will enable CPW to continue to do so for generations to come. The passing of this bill demonstrates our commitment in the sportsmen community to wildlife and our conservation values. BHA members across the state stepped up to that plate, contacting legislators, key stakeholders, and members within our community to help pass this bill. Your voices were heard.

In another win, the Colorado Lottery Reauthorization Act (SB18-66) passed this Monday and is also headed to Governor’s desk where it too is expected to be signed. Because of this, the Great Outdoors Colorado Program, which has played an important role in wildlife habitat conservation projects across the state will have its funding secured until 2049.

It’s important that we celebrate these victories. Our voices and our values are key to the future of our most valued resources and traditions. Our engagement makes the difference. Thank you for all you do, let’s keep the momentum going.


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