2020 Public Land Owner Photo Contest Winners!

Together with Gerber, we’re proud to announce the winners of the 2020 Public Land Owner Photo Contest. With hundreds of images pouring in from across North America, the 2020 Public Land Owner Photo Contest was our most successful photo contest yet. The images submitted capture the spirit of our public lands and waters, the experiences we have on them, and will be essential in communicating the value of our wild landscapes to our representatives in office and the greater public.

Four winners in the categories of Hunting, Fishing, Wildlife and Wild Places were selected by our guest panel of judges. Each winner will be receiving prize packages from BHA and Gerber.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and a heartfelt 'thank you' to everyone who participated, and who continue to help tell the story of our wild public lands, waters and wildlife.

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2020 Public Land Owner Photo Contest Winners


Category: Hunting

Photographer: John Plett

Judge: Sam Soholt

Judging Comment:

A photo that tells the whole story in a single image and really embraces the BHA brand. Sunset, a mature bull moose that will feed families and friends. The photo has great composition and you can see all of the work that went into the hunt in that one frame.


Tyrell Perry: Deer hunt campfire

Jody Marler: Mid-mountain break


Category: Fishing

Photographer: Jason Morris 

Judge: Jess McGlothlin

Judging Comment:

This is a great example of a unique angle on a fish—something different from the standard grip-and-grin—and shows a fish that was kept in the water for a clean, healthy release.


William Link: Small fish, big smiles

Neil Lamm: Backcountry brown


Category: Wildlife

Photographer: Chris Lima 

Judge: Shane Mahoney 

Judging Comment: 

An amazing shot, beautifully framed, great depth of field, and predatory drama at a scale and moment seldom witnessed. The Junco’s limp body turned slightly away contrasting with the soldier like bearing of the owl with his bloodied beak is a remarkable statement about how nature works.


John Fallon: Timber rattlesnake

Jearred Foruria: Sage Grouse take flight


Category: Wild Places

Photographer: Andrew Howard 

Judge: Paul Kemper

Judging Comment:

This image immediately puts me in this vast wide open. It wastes no time reminding me of some of my favorite memories chasing birds on wild public lands. The blue and beige of the landscape are so familiar, and I love the little splash of orange that indicates a healthy, accessible ecosystem.


Kate Wright: Blue hour reflections

Marshall Sandum: Sawtooth serenity


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