Alaska Chapter Board


Barry Whitehill, Board of Directors

Growing up in eastern Washington I was fortunate to have public lands close at hand. Starting with my first elk at age 14, it became obvious to me that deep, dark holes on public lands were places to be consistently successful as a hunter. Also they were a place where I could rejuvenate my soul. That has been repeatedly validated when I lived in Idaho, northern Nevada, and, since 1992, in Fairbanks, Alaska.



Mike_Rogers_AK.jpgMike Rogers, Board of Directors

Mike Rogers hails originally from the hills of eastern Tennessee, caught up in wanderlust- a three year trip to Alaska has turned into a 17 year love affair/adventure with the wilderness of the Far North. Mike spends 50-60 days a year hunting, fishing and exploring with his family exclusively on public lands. He has been a member and supporter of BHA since 2010.




Jason_Franklin.JPGJason Franklin, Board of Directors

Jason Franklin now calls Fairbanks home since leaving his home state of Vermont where he spent the last 12 years logging. After taking a NOLS semester back in 2011 he found himself driving north just a year later, without a dollar to his name and a truck full of hunting gear heading to Alaska.

Like so many others, the freedom found in the mountains, the massive expanse of tundra, deep dark swamps and the boreal forest are captivating enough to keep him there despite his love for sitting in a well placed treestand waiting for an old cagey whitetail to materialize. After stumbling across BHA in 2013, it seemed like the perfect way to try and give back what has so freely been given. Living in a state where finding public land isn't so much an issue, there are still many concerns related to the better welfare of the land and animals we devote ourselves to.

travis_booms.jpgTravis Booms, Secretary/Treasurer

Travis grew up as a river rat, fishing and playing in a highly manipulated Wisconsin river. Still, he found pieces of wildness and solitude on the river that shaped his values and thoughts. Since then, Travis has spent his life pursuing answers to biological questions in remote corners of the continent--namely Greenland and Alaska--as a wildlife biologist. He has called Fairbanks, Alaska home since 2004. Travis is an avid outdoor enthusiast and particularly enjoys backpacking on the Alaska tundra or floating down a wild river.


Steve Shannon, Co-Chair

Steve is a devoted husband and father, and a lifetime BHA member. He lives in Fairbanks, Alaska with his wife and son. He is a passionate bowhunter and fly fisherman. He has lived in Alaska for nearly a decade and has spent all of it enjoying the pursuit of big game and big fish with good friends and family. He has also worked with the youth of the Fairbanks community as a National Archery in the Schools Program instructor. He believes firmly in being physically prepared for all that the backcountry can throw at a hunter and has worked with a local CrossFit gym as a CrossFit Kids instructor as well. Steve is an outspoken advocate of keeping “public lands in public hands” and has worked with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to raise awareness about issues both within and outside of Alaska that affect sportsmen’s access to big, unspoiled pieces of wilderness.


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