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We are the Washington chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, a grassroots group of sportsmen and -women. We are united by a passion to protect and conserve public lands forests, mountains, prairies, streams and lakes that support our hunting and angling traditions. Washington BHA members are deeply concerned that the traditional backcountry values — solitude, quiet recreation, personal challenge, physical fitness adventure — that make Washington hunting and fishing so special are being compromised.

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Habitat destruction, disturbances stemming from development, and abuse and overuse from irresponsible motorized recreationists are threatening the very things that we hold most dear. We respect the crucial role that all species play in our diverse ecosystems and seek to ensure that species and habitat management decisions are based on sound science instead of politics. We believe that undeveloped, unspoiled public lands are irreplaceable and must be managed, along with the fish and wildlife they support, as a sacred public trust. 

Washington BHA supports and promotes natural resource management policies based on sound scientific principles. By extension, the Washington chapter is involved in educating hunters and anglers about proposals and current policies that are unsustainable and detrimental to the landscape, wildlife populations and our ability to pass on our values and traditions to future generations.

To accomplish our objectives, the Washington BHA membership contacts policy makers and federal resource managers, gives public testimony at stakeholder meetings and legislative hearings, communicates our views through public media, and participates in outreach activities at sportsmen shows. Some members sit on collaborative advisory boards and travel planning committees, giving BHA a seat at the table as grassroots advocates for habitat, wildlife and traditional outdoor activities.

Washington BHA is committed to the long-term conservation of the wild, unspoiled public lands on which Washington's world-class game and fish resources depend. Wild, unspoiled habitat is essential to the future of traditional-values hunting and angling in our state. Together, we volunteer our time to ensure the following:

  1. Future generations of Americans will have the same opportunities to enjoy and protect the wild public commons that we and previous generations have embraced as a national birthright.

  2. Our public lands backcountry will continue to exist intact, with healthy ecosystems that include balanced populations of predators and prey. 

Washington BHA works hard at protecting the things we value. If this describes where you want to be, if you like what you see — please get involved. Join us!

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