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The Arizona chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers was founded in August of 2013 with only twenty members. Today, we are nearly 1,000 members strong. We intend to keep growing our voice at both the state and national levels by continuing to recruit other passionate individuals. 

The goals for our chapter moving forward are:

  • Encourage all Arizonans to protect and enjoy our public lands.
  • Empower the voice of hunters and anglers by continuing to grow and strengthen BHA membership throughout our great state.
  • Recruit the next generation of outdoors enthusiasts and engage with folks new to the activities that we already know and love.
  • Host social events, like our pint nights, so anyone interested in talking or learning about topics ranging from hunting and fishing, conservation, backcountry exploration, and more can have an easy and fun way to engage with people passionate about passing on their knowledge.
  • Activate our membership with volunteer opportunities that provide critical boots on the ground contributions to our wildlife and wild places.
  • Continue to educate and engage in off-highway vehicle (OHV) issues and projects.
  • Collaborate with other sportsman’s groups, conservation organizations, and outdoor recreation groups to provide a united voice to protect the activities and places we value.
  • Advocate for legislation that uses evidence-based approaches to protect our hunting and angling heritage, the wildlife we value, and the places we recreate; while also educating legislators and the public when legislation is introduced that threatens those same treasures.

Hunting and fishing is an American tradition that requires our interest and involvement to continue. The Arizona chapter of BHA is dedicated to preserving access to the public lands that almost all Arizona's rely on to recreate--whether hiking, camping, boating, or hunting and fishing.  We ask you to join our mission to protect our tradition with a membership and your support.

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