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Tovar Cerulli, Co-Chair

Co-Chair Tovar Cerulli, of Vermont, is a writer, speaker, researcher, and communications consultant who fosters understanding of diverse perspectives on hunting, wildlife, and conservation. A vegan-turned-hunter and author of a book about that journey, he has also worked as a logger and carpenter. He wrote his MA thesis on what he calls "adult-onset hunters" and is working on his doctoral dissertation at UMass-Amherst. More information is available here:


Matthew McKenzie, Co-Chair

Matthew McKenzie is an environmental historian, environmentalist, bowyer, and archery hunter teaching at the University of Connecticut. His research focuses upon the changing relationships between New Englanders and their natural resources over time, to date mostly in the marine realm. He has also served four years on the New England Fishery Management Council seeking to develop sustainable management regulations for New England's offshore fisheries. After backpacking the northeastern forests for thirty years, he turned to hunting in his forties—a turn that opened to him entirely new understandings of the region’s forested areas. While living in southeastern Connecticut imposes limits on “backcountries” available to him to hunt, he has enjoyed (very) modest success with crossbow and primitive bow taking deer from re-wilded pockets of woods and fields nestled between houses and highways along the coast. 


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Rob Bryan

Member at Large Rob Bryan is a licensed forester and ecologist based in Harpswell, Maine, with a business that focuses on integrating management for timber and biological diversity. When not working with forestry clients in Maine and across the country, Rob and his wife Tulle Frazer enjoy canoeing the remote lakes and rivers of northern Maine and eastern Canada or hiking at home and in Europe. Come autumn, archery, rifle, and black powder hunting for local ungulates with occasional forays for Western game species occupy as much time as possible.  More information is available at:

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Eric Nuse

Member-at-Large Eric Nuse, of Vermont, is the past Executive Director and current national board member of Orion – The Hunters’ Institute and past Executive Director of the International Hunter Education Association.  A retired game warden with over three decades of service, as well as the subject of a book about his time in the field as a warden, Eric serves on the boards of the Vermont Wildlife Partnership, Johnson Conservation Commission, and Friends of the Green River Reservoir.  More information is available here: 


Dan_Williams.jpgMember at Large Dan Williams

Dan Williams grew up in north-central Vermont. His first hunting and angling experiences were "backcountry" in nature . . . fishing for native brook trout in the local streams and ponds and hunting snowshoe hare with beagles on the vast paper company lands in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.

Though he now lives in south-central New Hampshire and has to work a bit harder to find the backcountry - he still manages to hunt deer in all three seasons on the largest tracts of undeveloped land in the area. When Dan feels the need for more space, he still regularly heads north to hunt and fish more remote sections of New Hampshire and Vermont. An avid fly angler and bow hunter, Dan welcomes the challenges these more primitive methods offer.

Dan is a full-time high school teacher and sometimes professional musician, though he admittedly has let this aspect of his life slide as he nears 50 years of age and as his free time to hunt and fish becomes more sacred.

Dan held a position on the Concord Monitor's board of Contributors for two years, writing about hunting, fishing, and environmental issues.

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