About Us

Many Yukoners know that life in the Yukon is about balance. Mining has been a driving force in Yukon’s economy for over 100 years. Yukon would not be what it is today without the benefits of mining. However, we are also acutely aware of the drawbacks of mining. The Faro mine is one of the largest contaminated sites in Canada, and something Yukoners will be dealing with for centuries. As a conservation group, we will advocate for the responsible use of our natural resources in a way that benefits Yukoners and protects the environment we enjoy.

Similarly, there is a balance to be struck between exploiting some of Yukon’s most abundant natural resources, and being so protective that Yukoners don’t get the opportunity to participate in family traditions like hunting and fishing. It is easy for the desires of resident hunters and anglers to be overshadowed by business interests or advocacy groups that have the ear of politicians or the media. That is why it is so important for Yukon BHA to offer a forum for residents to work together to strengthen our voice and get our message to government.

First Nations are a critical part of Yukon. Yukon BHA will strive to always be respectful and look for ways to cooperate with Yukon First Nations. We will advocate for policies that are reasonable, fair, and benefit all Yukoners while recognizing the rights of the first peoples of Yukon.


To be relevant, to be different from other groups, and to accurately represent our membership, Yukon BHA will remain independent from government. This includes being responsible for our own fundraising and relying on our own expertise.

To accurately represent its members, Yukon BHA must be led by its members. We do not want the organization to become a vehicle for one or two members’ opinions. We want to be a place where all members can come together and express their ideas. Each member’s vote will count equally, and the views of the chair or board of directors will not overrule the views of the rest of the group.

Community is important in the north. Yukon BHA aims to educate, engage, and grow the community of hunters and anglers where we live. A strong, engaged community can help defend the values of responsible harvest, responsible enjoyment, and responsible access to Yukon’s wilderness and wildlife, while passing on the knowledge and traditions we hold dear.

Yukon BHA will strive to be reasonable and respectful in all our interactions. We will advocate for reasonable, practical policies that preserve Yukon’s beautiful wildlife and environment while still enabling residents to hunt and fish responsibly.