Your Voice Is Needed: Public Land Access at Stake in Wyoming

We need your help. Two petitions have been sent to the Laramie County Commissioners to vacate (eliminate the public right-of-way) for two county roads (highlighted in green and pink in the map below). If approved by the Commissioners, some of the associated public lands along these roads will be rendered inaccessible.

This is an important Public Lands access issue and we need your help. The Laramie County Commissioners are meeting next Tuesday (June, 19th) to decide this issue. It doesn’t matter if you are a resident of Laramie County – these are your public lands and the Commissioners need to hear from you before next Tuesday. 

Please let the Laramie Commission know that losing access to public lands is a non-starter for sportsmen and women. Urge them to oppose the petitions to vacate these roads. It will only take 5-10 minutes and it will make a difference.

  • You can email the commissioners - [email protected]
  • Or visit this link to the commissioner home page (contact links for commissioners is on the left of the page).

Thank you for lending your voice and standing up for our access to our public lands!

Below - green and pink segments are what's being considered and the blue parcels are public lands.

For added context, you can see the private parcels below.

Thank You,


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