You Might Belong with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers If...

thumbnail.jpgWe need your help to come up with the best ending to the phrase “You Might Belong with BHA if…”

Come up with a creative, catchy hook and you just might win one ofCoffey Chair’s new ultralight (16 oz.) backpacking chairs that uses trekking poles as part of the chair’s framework (pictured).

Submit your entry using the comment section either below or throughBHA's Facebook Page for your chance to win.  Deadline for the prize is June 6. If you’re having a hard time coming up with a creative hook, here are a few ideas from our previous posts:

1. You would rather be cold, wet and tired than be stuck in any city on Earth!

2. You like your gin and trout streams equally clear

3. You believe the greater the effort, the greater the reward

4. You want to pass the birthright of the backcountry on to future generations

5. _______________________ (insert your best phrase)

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