WY Chapter Leaders Assist With Fence Project

thumbnail.jpgWY Board Members Wallace Leastman, Gillette and Pete Kassab, Sheridan participated in a fencing project on June 6th at the Bud Love Wildlife Habitat Management Area led by Wyoming Game and Fish. This effort included multiple agencies and groups working together to remove sections of woven and barbed wire fencing to address barriers limiting wildlife movement. If you're interested in supporting efforts like this in your area please contact your regional WY BHA Board Member and ask how you can get involved!

FROM Wyoming Game and Fish:

"A group of workers from Wyoming Wilderness Association, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Wyoming Game and Fish, Forest Service, BLM and general public helped remove woven wire and proportions of old barbed wire fencing from the Bud Love Wildlife Habitat Management Area on June 6th 2020.  Due to social distancing concerns with Covid-19, this event had a small group of 12 workers. A larger group could have been helpful but due to the current pandemic,  planning and advertising for this outing was kept small to minimize participant numbers at this time.

The group was able to remove old fence that was a hazard to wildlife, livestock and humans; additionally the group discussed planning for future volunteer projects and how to best implement them. Lots of great discussion for continued efforts. Thad Berret with the USFS-Powder River District shared plans and invites to a fence removal project on Sourdough Creek on Tuesday June 16th." 

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