WY BHA Supports Non-Motorized Designation on Snake River

The following is a letter that was to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department on behalf of Wyoming BHA, in support of the proposed non-motorized designation on the Snake River.

Dear Commission Members:

As a conservation organization of sportsmen that value the solitude, challenge and escape that traditional, non-motorized hunting and fishing opportunities provide, Wyoming Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (WY BHA) would like to offer our support of the non-motorized designation proposed on the Snake River, downstream from the Grand Teton National Park boundary to the South Park Bridge.


This section of the Snake has long been recognized for the high-quality fishing opportunities it provides for native cutthroat trout. We believe limitations on motorized use will help ensure these waters remain wild and free from the disturbance and conflicts that motorized use may otherwise bring. We have reviewed the proposed rule change in the draft watercraft regulation:

Section 9. Waters on Which the Operation of Watercraft is Restricted or Prohibited, (b) which states that .....

“(b) The use of personal watercraft is prohibited on the following waters throughout the calendar year:

All waters in Grand Teton National Park in Teton County;

Snake River from Grand Teton National Park boundary to South Park Bridge (U.S. Highway 26/89/191) in Teton County;”

Wyoming BHA supports this modification to the Watercraft Regulation in the interest of safety and we applaud the fact that this will provide a more tranquil atmosphere for non-motorized sportsmen on this section of the Snake River.

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