Welcome to our 2020 Virtual Rendezvous Workshops lineup! The seminars and panels included below draw from the incredible breadth and depth of expertise found within the BHA community. From technical streamer fishing tips to critical advocacy stratagems, these workshops are designed to make you a better public lands hunter, angler and defender. Sign up now for your all access pass! All timezones are in MDT.

Packrafting with Alpacka's Thor Tingey Presented by Alpacka

Monday, June 1, 6PM MDT

Packrafts are the ultimate access tool for hard to reach wilderness waterways. Whether you’re interested in packraft hunting or want to access new waterways for fishing, packrafts are incredible tools for backcountry missions.

Join Thor Tingey, CEO & Co-Owner of Alpacka Raft, for a discussion on how packrafts are used to help you go further and deeper into the backcountry, accessing places you never thought you could. Whether you’re a solo hunter or angler, or regularly hunt or fish with buddies, packrafts are an extremely-lightweight solution for making backcountry manageable.

In addition to redefining access, Thor will give a demonstration on how to properly pack a big game animal in a packraft for an efficient packout.

Thor Tingey has been packrafting for over 20 years. Growing up Denali Park, Alaska, Thor spent his childhood immersed in the outdoors. In 1996, after meeting Roman Dial, who had become one of Alaska’s most prolific adventurers and an early adopter of the packraft, Thor planned his first packrafting trip, a 160-mile portion of an Alaska Range traverse. This trip was the foundation for the launch of Alpacka Raft. Thor is an avid hunter and angler who has been using packrafts for backcountry access for years.

Door Prize: 3 Alpacka Gift Bags

Smoked Venison Tartare & Q&A with Wade Truong Presented by Camp Chef

Monday, June 1, 6PM MDT

How to make tartare, mixing cooking techniques, the core concepts of the dish, food safety, how to improvise in the kitchen, and why it is so important to make the most of your wild game.  

Wade Truong is a lifelong Virginian, self-taught chef and hunter. His work has been featured in the New York Times and Garden & Gun. His passion for cooking and sharing food is the foundation of his obsession with the outdoors and the resources they provide. He spends all of his free time hunting, fishing, foraging and exploring the bounty of the land and water. He believes that the more we participate with our environment, the more we understand that we need to protect it.

Door Prize: 4 - 12"Camp Chef Dutch Ovens

Drift Boat/Raft Rigging with Hilary Hutcheson Presented by YETI

Tuesday, June 2, 6PM MDT

Fly fishing guide Hilary Hutcheson demystifies boat rigging for river lovers of all abilities. From the ins and outs of trailers, straps, gear storage and efficiency at the ramp, learn how to get your raft or drift boat dialed for optimal days on the water. Whether it’s a day trip or week-long excursion, become more effective in planning, packing and executing. Beginners will learn pro tips for headache-free fishing, and experienced boaters will pick up new ideas and share best practices. This class is also great for non-boat-owners who are looking for a greater understanding of the float fishing culture.

Hilary Hutcheson owns and runs Lary’s Fly and Supply in Columbia Falls, Montana, and guides on the Flathead River and Middle Fork of the Salmon River. Hutcheson started her fly fishing career as a teenage guide in West Glacier, Montana. Later, she took her journalism degree to Portland, Oregon, and worked as a television news anchor and reporter before returning to Montana to co-own and operate Outside Media and Trout TV for nearly a decade. She loves hanging out with her two teen daughters, especially when they volunteer on the oars.

Door Prize: Custom BHA YETI Tundra 65

Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunting with Clay Newcomb Presented by First Lite

Tuesday, June 2, 6PM MDT

Hunting black bears on the ground, on public land and without the use of bait or hounds in the Eastern forests is Clay Newcomb’s passion. Owner and editor of Bear Hunting Magazine, First Lite Pro-Team member and Arkansas BHA member, Clay is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable practitioners of this raw and rewarding style of hunting. He calls it the “sheep hunt of the south,” where odds are low and success comes to those who are willing to put in the miles and the work. Join Clay in his workshop as he shares his hard-earned tips and tactics for finding ultimate success on these highly adventurous and challenging bear hunts.

Door Prize: First Lite Wick Hoody

Backcountry Mule Packing with Dropstone Outfitting's Maggie Carr and Yve Bardwell Presented by Danner

Wednesday, June 3, 6PM MDT

Get an overview on the basics of backcountry mule packing. Dropstone Outfitting will take you through mule behavior 101, the steps of making a manti load, saddling, and loading up a mule. We'll also briefly talk about backcountry equine etiquette and the history of packing in the West.

Dropstone Outfitting, based in Choteau, Montana, is owned and operated by Maggie Carr and Yve Bardwell. Dropstone is the only outfitter in the 1.5-million acre Bob Marshall Wilderness that caters specifically to guided backcountry foot travel. They offer supported hiking trips, workshops and hunting adventures where all you carry is a small daypack as you explore the Bob. The trips are accompanied by a string of pack animals that carry the rest of the gear. Maggie and Yve grew up in the area, working for various guest ranches, ranches, other outfitters and the U.S. Forest Service. They share a strong affinity for the Rocky Mountain Front and the Bob, and they take pride in providing quality backcountry trips. They feel fortunate to be able to share this landscape with others. Check out (if you haven't already) Hal Herring's interview with Maggie on BHA's Podcast & Blast 

Door Prize: Danner Boots of Choice

What NOT to do While Streamer Fishing with Kelly Galloup

Wednesday, June 3, 6PM MDT

Kelly Galloup started his fly fishing career at the age of 13, tying flies for the local tackle shop. He started guiding at the age of 16 and still manages to run a couple trips a year. Kelly owned and operated The Troutsman fly shop and guide service in Northern Michigan for 20 years. He sold the Troutsman in 2001 and purchased The Slide Inn lodge on the banks of the Madison River in southwest Montana. Kelly has written three books, Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout 1 and 2 and Cripples and Spinners, and he has numerous DVDs on fly tying and fishing. In 2003 Kelly received the living legend award from the FFF, and was awarded the Charles E Brooks memorial life award in 2007. He has over 50 nationally recognized fly patterns that are sold worldwide, is currently a signature tier for Montana Fly Company and works as an ambassador for Renzetti Vice. He is also a rod and line designer and has worked for several companies like Sage, Powell, St Croix, Burkheimer and Echo rods and Teeny lines, SA and Airflo fly lines. Kelly has been published in every major fly fishing periodical in the U.S. Kelly was also the host of Fly Fish TV with Kelly Galloup but now hangs his hat on his extensive how to and fly fishing and tying YouTube channel. As one of the most sought after speakers in the country, Kelly spends much of his winter months speaking for clubs and sports shows across the country.

Door Prize: Waterworks Lamson Guru 5 Reel OG

How Predation Shapes Wild Nature on Public Lands: Lessons from Yellowstone with Dr. Daniel R. Stahler Presented by Stanley

Thursday, June 4, 6PM MDT

Our public wild lands have long been paramount to numerous conservation success stories. Among the most successful, but controversial, has been the recovery of large carnivores in a world increasingly hostile to the survival of all wildlife. We now live in a new era of carnivores on public lands, challenging society to adapt and seek compromise among diverse public lands stakeholders. Paramount to overcoming these challenges is an understanding of the ecology of predation and its implications for coexistence with large carnivores. Twenty-five years ago, wolf recovery to Yellowstone National Park coincided with the continued expansion of a naturally recolonized cougar population, increasing grizzly bear numbers and an abundant elk population shaped by a long history of human management. This seminar will summarize key findings from several decades of scientific research on wolves, cougars, elk and other species in the Yellowstone ecosystem. Topics will include behavioral interactions of predators and their prey, how elk and other species have responded to carnivore recovery and the importance of public lands in preserving natural ecological processes and, ultimately, wild nature. The seminar will discuss lessons from Yellowstone that highlight the value of science to provide accurate information, identify knowledge gaps and dispel myths about controversial issues relating to predators and their prey.

Dr. Daniel R. Stahler is a wildlife biologist for Yellowstone National Park. He’s served as the project biologist for the Yellowstone Wolf Project since 2002, is the project leader for the Yellowstone Cougar Project and co-leads Yellowstone’s elk research program. He also serves as the park’s threatened and endangered species coordinator. Stahler is responsible for coordinating much of Yellowstone’s multi-carnivore and multi-ungulate research programs. He has produced numerous scientific publications on predator-prey dynamics, behavior, genetics and ecology of Yellowstone and is an editor and lead author of the forthcoming book Yellowstone Wolves: Science and Discovery in the World’s First National Park (University of Chicago Press, October 2020) chronicling 25 years of carnivore recovery to Yellowstone National Park. Dan devotes as much time as possible immersed in wilderness as a hunter, fisherman, biologist and explorer. He lives with his wife and son in Gardiner, Montana.

Door Prize: 3 - Stanley Growler Set

The Wild Harvest Initiative® - Eat Wild & Live Free, with Shane Mahoney Presented by Crispi

Thursday, June 4, 6PM MDT

Many humans feel disconnected from nature and are unfamiliar or out of touch with the origins of their food. Processed and pre-packaged foods, available for sale at supermarkets, department stores and restaurants, now dominate the North American cultural landscape and, for the majority of Americans and Canadians, the traditional relationship between food acquisition and consumption has been drastically altered. Yet not all individuals acquire animal protein from the meat aisle or the frozen fish section. Each year in the U.S. and Canada, more than 50 million people partake in recreational hunting and fishing, harvesting food for themselves and millions of others with whom wild harvested meat and fish are shared.

These wild harvesters positively contribute not only to their own food security and general health and well-being but also to the conservation and wellness of wildlife, wild lands and waters and to the economy. While there have been numerous evaluations of the significant economic impact of recreational hunting and angling, little effort has been made to assess the biomass, economic value and food security contributions of the meat and fish that are harvested and consumed. Furthermore, no one has posed the question of what it would cost to replace this food through expansion of existing agricultural, aquacultural and livestock production. The Wild Harvest Initiative® will change this. 

The first serious effort to evaluate the combined economic, conservation and social benefits of recreational wild animal harvests in modern American and Canadian societies, the Wild Harvest Initiative® is not a project but a narrative-changing program. It is not a finite intervention but a relentless innovation. It does not seek to change society; rather, it takes its energy from society’s culture of change.

Shane Patrick Mahoney, president of Conservation Visions and founder of the Wild Harvest Initiative®, is an internationally recognized conservationist and wildlife advocate and a foremost expert on the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. Shane’s major career focus has been the population ecology of large mammals: moose, black bears, and caribou. 

A strong advocate for communicating wildlife conservation issues to the public, he has also written more than 100 popular magazine articles, penned eight published book chapters, and was the editor and contributing author for two monographs on sustainable wildlife use in North America for the International Journal of Environmental Studies. In 2019, Johns Hopkins University Press launched his latest book project, an edited volume about the North American Conservation Model.

Intensely passionate, highly insightful, and often challenging in his views, Shane is one of those rare individuals who can reach deeply into our own thoughts about wildlife and nature and somehow help us better understand why we feel as we do… and why our conservation mission is so important. Listen (if you haven't already) to Hal Herring's dynamic interview with Shane on BHA's Podcast & Blast

Door Prize: Cripsi Boots

goHUNT Workshop with Trail Kreitzer Presented by goHUNT

Friday, June 5, 6PM MDT
The idea for goHUNT started in 2013 with the realization that there was a huge missing piece when it comes to hunting in the West. That void was the complete lack of a web-based convenient way for hunters to research and plan hunts. goHUNT's mission was to provide exactly what Western big game hunters need: draw odds, filterable data, application strategy, state rules and regulations - all in a user friendly format that accommodates the individual's needs. With the combination of the deepest hunting knowledge, technology expertise, data science and vision, they were able to build a product set that will allow anyone interested to plan and embark on a Western big game hunt. From draw hunts to over-the-counter opportunities, goHUNT provides the information to get you into the field each fall. This is goHUNT INSIDER and what it can do for you!
Trail Kreitzer began his professional career as a wildlife biological tech for the USFS in central Utah. After completing a degree in wildlife science from Utah State University, he transitioned into a position with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources as the assistant habitat manager in the southern region. During his time with the DWR, he worked throughout southern Utah conducting wildlife surveys, assessing big game habitat conditions and implementing landscape scale habitat restoration projects. In 2017 he took his current position with as the research manager and gear expert. He contributes to the goHUNT INSIDER research platform primarily through data analysis and writing application strategy articles. He also addresses a sizable portion of the customer consultation requests for state draw and hunting information. He is a self diagnosed gear junkie and procures gear that goHUNT carries and sells in the goHUNT gear shop. He grew up in a hunting family in southern Utah. He has hunted several Western states and spends the bulk of his free time shooting his bow, trail running, and chasing three boys of his own.    
Door Prize: 2 - $100 goHunt Gift Cards

Public Land Bird Dogs with Ryan Busse and Tom Healy

Friday, June 5, 6PM MDT

"Birdhunting with pointing dogs would be the last thing on the earth we give up."

Bird hunting tips and advice from two guys who live to do it. Tom and Ryan will provide an overview on how to start in the sport and how experienced bird hunters can hone their craft. Beginning with dogs, this seminar also encompasses bird species, time of year, scouting and gear. Tom and Ryan are also accomplished wild game chefs, and there will be some hints about how to best cook wild birds. They love it all, so bring your questions and love of dogs, food, wild country and long hikes.

Tom Healy grew up in Iowa City and was introduced to bird hunting while cutting class with his high school principal’s son. Soon after guiding his first trip in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, he bought a solo canoe and explored the Quetico-Superior region at every opportunity. With his wife Meagen and a pack of bird dogs, Tom moved to northwest Montana in 2002 to start a Nordic ski lodge with friends. He continues to work as a timber frame teacher, designer and builder and is committed to sharing his passion for conservation and wild places. An ardent big game and bird hunter, Tom frequently can be found in the forests, prairies and rimrock country of North America’s public lands.

Ryan Busse By the time BHA Board Chair Ryan Busse could walk and carry a lever action, he began exploring the backcountry of the vast unbroken native prairies on the western Kansas ranch where he was raised. In 1995 he moved to northern Montana to run the sales department for Kimber, which at that time was a fledgling firearms company. He soon became vice president of sales where he remains today. Kimber is now a thriving company and one of the top four firearms manufacturers in the United States. Ryan loves to hike small streams with a fly rod, bird hunt behind his prized dogs and pursue big game with rifles he helped design. He spends every available moment in the Western backcountry from Alaska to Arizona but considers the Rocky Mountain Front of Montana his sacred home. His wonderful and active family includes wife Sara and sons Lander and Badge (named after Lander, Wyoming, and the Badger-Two Medicine in Montana).

Door Prize: Pair of Danner Boots and Rep Your Water Topo Trout Collar and Leash

Telling YOUR Conservation Story with Ben Long

Saturday, June 6, 1PM MDT

Public speaking and communication about conservation can be intimidating but is also crucial to success. Outdoor writer and former BHA North American board co-chair Ben Long and BHA Communications Director Katie McKalip will discuss the best ways to use social media and the mass media to be effective champions of conservation. Everyone has a story, and together we can advocate for public access and healthy habitat.

Ben Long is a father, conservationist and outdoor writer who lives in Kalispell, Mont. He is a founding board member of BHA and served six years as co-chair. He is a contributing writer for Outdoor Life and The MeatEater and has worked in the media and conservation for 30 years. (Ben and Hal Herring swapped stories and insights on BHA's Podcast & Blast...check out the interview.)

How to be an Effective Public Land and Water Advocate with your Governor’s Office, State Legislature and State Fish and Wildlife Agency Decision Makers with Gaspar Perricone

Saturday, June 6, 1PM MDT

Join Gaspar and BHA staff for a discussion on how to strategically string your advocacy efforts together to effectively influence the right decision makers and advance your conservation goals. Gaspar will draw upon his extensive experience as a sportsman, appointed decision maker and government relations professional to help you be a better public land and water advocate.

Gaspar Perricone works at the public affairs and government relations firm, Freestone Strategies, and has expertise in policy development and analysis, political strategy, strategic planning and lobbying. Prior to joining Freestone Strategies, Gaspar served as the legislative program director for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, where he oversaw legislative programs for the department on issues relating to oil and gas development, mining and reclamation, state parks and wildlife, forestry, water, and state land board lands. He was responsible for developing agency legislative agendas and directly lobbying members of the Colorado General Assembly. Gaspar also founded Bull Moose Sportsmen’s Alliance, a national nonprofit hunting and angling advocacy organization, in 2010 and served as CEO and president until 2014.  Gaspar also served as U.S. Senator Mark Udall’s western Colorado director where he focused on natural resource and agriculture policy, as well as issues pertinent to western Colorado. In 2010, Gov. Hickenlooper appointed Gaspar to serve on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. As a CPW commissioner, he worked to ensure the unique outdoors opportunities we enjoy today will remain for future generations. His leadership at CPW resulted in his fellow commissioners electing him to serve as the Parks and Wildlife Commission representative to the Great Outdoors Colorado Board. Gaspar is a fourth-generation Coloradan who lives in rural northern Colorado with his wife, Cassidy. 

Boundary Waters Panel 

Saturday, June 6, 2:15PM MDT

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the surrounding watershed is a critically important landscape – not only to hunters and anglers and local communities but to North America as a whole, including our strong and growing outdoor recreation-based economy. The development of a copper-nickel mine within the wilderness area watershed poses an unprecedented threat to the region. Hear from diverse Boundary Waters voices – Spencer Shaver with Sportsmen for the Boundary Waters, Steve Piragis of Piragis Northwoods Company, and Mark Kenyon of MeatEater – about the wild stories of their experiences in America’s No. 1 most visited wilderness.

From the hills of central Massachusetts Steve Piragis found nature at an early age. His dad took him out fishing the brooks around the Quabbin Reservoir as a kid and on summer vacation on the ocean off the Cape for stripers and blues. He took up birding in junior high because of a most amazing science teacher. All this lead to a degree in zoology and a job in Ely, Minnesota, doing zooplankton research for the EPA in 1975. Life seemed ideal in this small town at the end of the road at the edge of true wilderness. The Boundary Waters became his family's source of income and spiritual renewal. Since 1979 Steve and Nancy, and now their daughter Elli, have dedicated their lives to build an outfitter and retailer to the paddlers and wilderness advocates for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. It's been a good life. (Check out Hal Herring's interview with Steve on BHA's Podcast & Blast.)     

Spencer Shaver, a 6th generation Minnesotan, lifelong hunter and angler, has guided canoe trips in the BWCA since 2014. A graduate of the University of Minnesota’s environmental science, policy and management program, Spencer also led trips for the University’s Center for Outdoor Adventure. Spencer works with hunters and anglers across the country to permanently protect the Boundary Waters from proposed copper mining upstream.

Mark Kenyon, the author of That Wild Country: An Epic Journey through the Past, Present, and Future of America's Public Lands, is a lifelong outdoorsman, a nationally published outdoor writer, and one of the hunting and fishing community’s most prominent voices through his podcast, Wired to Hunt. He has appeared on the Netflix Original Series, MeatEater, and been featured in USA Today, The Hill, Outdoor Life, Outside, and more. He is a contributor to MeatEater, Inc., an outdoor lifestyle company founded with the belief that a deeper understanding of the natural world enriches all of our lives. (Listen to Hal talk public lands and hunting with Mark on BHA's Podcast & Blast.)

Bristol Bay Panel

Saturday, June 6, 2:15PM MDT

Sportsmen and women from across the world dream of fishing Bristol Bay’s wild rivers, which support the world’s largest remaining wild salmon fishery, 35 fish species (including all five species of Pacific salmon) and nearly half of wild sockeye populations. Located in southwest Alaska, Bristol Bay also attracts hunters from around the globe eager to explore the undisturbed lands that provide wildlife habitat for moose, caribou, bear and large populations of migratory waterfowl.

For generations, this wild watershed has fostered both a sustainable food source and a sustainable workforce for more than 14,000 people who are currently supported by Bristol Bay’s renowned sportfishing, hunting and outdoor recreation economy. The rich natural resources found here sustain Alaskans and Americans for generations to come, thus multiplying their worth indefinitely.

Unfortunately, Bristol Bay is threatened by a proposal to develop one of the largest gold, copper and molybdenum mines in the world. The mineral deposit sits in the heart of salmon country, in the headwaters of the famed Kvichak and Nushagak Rivers. One natural disaster could cause catastrophic damage to the watershed and livelihoods of thousands.

For more than a decade, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers has been working alongside Alaskans, indigenous communities and more than 1 million American hunters, anglers and businesses to oppose development of the Pebble Mine. Please join us to hear important perspectives from three expert women leading the conservation charge and fighting for our traditions and values in Alaska. We’ll cover the current policy and political dynamics around Pebble Mine, the social values that ground important traditions in Alaska, the irreplaceable fish and wildlife resources, and hear from the people who make a living hunting and fishing the unique lands and waters of Bristol Bay.

Rachel James, SalmonState's Bristol Bay Campaign Coordinator, was born and raised in Palmer, Alaska, has worked with rural Alaskans from Barrow to Yakutat and in the field of environmental policy at the local, state, federal, and international levels. After spending nearly a decade in Patagonia eating farmed salmon, she has returned home to focus on protecting wild Alaskan salmon habitat so her eight-year-old son can enjoy a lifetime of eating healthy, wild fish and wild Alaskan game. 

Kat Carscallen is a lifelong resident of Bristol Bay, raised in a generational fishing family. She captains a commercial drift fishing boat, the F/V Sea Hawk, making a living as part of the longest lasting sustainable salmon fishery in the world.  She currently serves as Executive Director of Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay, a national coalition of fishermen dedicated to protecting Alaska’s greatest wild salmon fishery and the land and waters that sustain it. 

Tia Shoemaker is a Fishing and Registered Alaskan Hunting Guide on the Alaskan Peninsula. She grew up in Becharof National Wildlife Refuge on her families 40 acre homestead.  The Shoemakers have been running their family owned guiding operation out of their homestead for the last 33 years. Tia is a free-lance writer in her off-season and writes passionately about conservation and hunting.  She has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers, her blog posts can be found on Ron Spomer's hunting Blog and she is currently working with another Alaskan Woman to publish a new hunting magazine. When not guiding, she can be found flying her piper PA-12 airplane, fishing for herself, hiking and traveling the world.

Public Trust Panel  

Saturday, June 6 - 6PM MDT

Join an interactive discussion by filmmakers and subjects of the Patagonia feature film “Public Trust.” Moderated by journalist, BHA Podcast & Blast host and “Public Trust” narrator Hal Herring, panelists address the values that ground the film and the threats to our shared resources that ignite it. Their personal narratives tell a powerful story about the past, present and future of our public lands and waters.

Bernadette Demientieff is executive director of the Gwich’in Steering Committee and is Gwichyaa Zhee Gwich’in. She was raised in Fort Yukon and spent her summers in Venetie. Bernadette’s great grandmother was Marcis (Horace) Moses from Old Crow in the Canadian Territory of Yukon, and her grandfather, Daniel Horace, is from Fort Yukon, Alaska. Her parents are Betty (Walter Flitt) of Alaska and Bernard (Melanie) Hornsby of Louisiana. Bernadette is the mother of five children and grandmother of five beautiful grandchildren. She takes this position very seriously, and it has transformed her life to better serve her people. Bernadette stands strong to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge-Coastal Plain, the Porcupine Caribou Herd and the Gwich’in way of life. Bernadette is a council member for the Arctic Refuge Defense Council. She also serves as an advisory board member for NDN Collective, the Care of Creations Task Force, Native Movement Alaska, and Defend the Sacred Alaska. She is a tribal member of the Gwichyaa Zhee Gwich’in Tribal Government and on the leadership council for ITR. She continues use her voice for what she believes in. 

Jeremy Hunter Rubingh is the producer of Public Trust. He has worked for the last decade at the nexus of politics and conservation in the West for foundations and strategic think-tanks where he developed messaging, media strategy, diverse voice engagement and innovative tactics on a variety of public land and clean energy issues. He has also worked in film as an executive producer with the Story Group on the short film, Unacceptable Risk: Firefighters on the Frontlines of Climate Change, and as director and producer on several other short projects, including an award-winning short film focused on backcountry skiing and 1872 mining law reform in a small Colorado community. Jeremy currently lives on a small sailboat in Seattle where he feels lucky to connect with Puget Sound, old growth forests, and the incredible mountains and volcanoes of the Cascades.  

Greenough, Montana’s Juanita Vero is a fourth-generation partner of the E Bar L Ranch, one of Montana's oldest family owned and operated dude ranches. She also serves as a Missoula County commissioner. Juanita doesn't know a tippet from her elbow, nor does she hunt, but she cares deeply about intact ecosystems, working landscapes and public access. She's been known to break ground-squirrel necks and eat them.

An award-winning journalist and contributing editor at Field & Stream, Hal Herring has written for a wide range of publications including The Atlantic, The Economist and Bugle. He's a lifelong outdoorsman, mountaineer, hunter and fisherman whose fans have come to expect deeply reported, thought-provoking stories and essays. He brings this passion and investigative spirit to BHA's Podcast & Blast, which he has hosted since its inception in 2017.

The Stubblefield Challenges 

Tune in to watch BHA's own Ty Stubblefield go head-to-head against some of the most seasoned hunters and anglers in the field. Donate to support Ty or his competitor, trash talk and get a chance to win prizes from our sponsors.

  • Tune-in to see BHA’s Ty Stubblefield go head-to-head against renowned fly-fishing guide, Hilary Hutcheson. They’ll chug a beer, put together their fly rod, string the line and tie on a fly. First one done wins! Door Prize: Danner X Patagonia Wading Boots
  • It’s Ty Stubblefield versus Remi Warren in a classic bow shoot out! They’ll each take 5 shots at 50 yards and closest to the bullseye wins this challenge. Sponsored by Gerber Gear. Door Prize: 3 Gerber Sets (Principle Fixed Blade, Armbar pocket too, Asada micarta folding knife, complEAT multi-tong)
  • Watch Ty Stubblefield give it all he’s got in an old fashioned Squat-off. Ty is competing against South Dakota BHA board chair and fitness fanatic, Ashley Kurtenbach. They’ll each load up their pack with 30 pounds and see how many squats they can do in 5 minutes. Sponsored by Stone Glacier. Door Prize: Stone Glacier Solo 3600
  • Ever seen someone speed-skin a squirrel? Watch as Ty Stubblefield takes on seasoned squirrel hunter, Clay Newcomb. We’ll learn who can skin, quarter and remove the backstraps of a squirrel the fastest! Sponsored by Benchmade. Door Prize: 2 Benchmade Altitude Knives
  • Putting up a Seek Outside tipi is easy, right? How about doing it while you’re dizzy? Watch Ty Stubblefield take on a seasoned backcountry expert in a tipi erection race after getting dizzy first. Sponsored by Seek Outside. Door Prize: Custom BHA Merlin Daypack Talon

The Four R's 

The Fantastic Four R’s is a never assembled in one place cast of some of your favorite characters. Rachel Schmidt will lead the group in a conversation that is sure to have many twists and turns. Learn things about Remi Warren, Randy Newberg, and Ryan Callaghan that you never knew. 

Door Prize: 10 OnX Elite Memberships

Public Land Owner Trivia 

Wednesday, June 3

Test your conservation, hunting, fishing, history and wildlife knowledge against your fellow public lands owners. Grab a beer, settle in and get ready for 4 rounds of 15 questions, with door prizes given at the end of each round, with overall winners and big prizes announced on Thursday! Sponsored by Stanley, Gerber, Vortex and Traeger. 

Door Prize: Stanley Growler Pack, Stanley Coffee Pack, Stanley Pro Cookset, Gerber Hunt Package (Exo-Mod Caper, Exo Mod Fixed Blade, Exo Mod Saw, Devour Multi-Fork), Gerber Fish Package (Sengyo 9.5" Slicer, Neat Freak, Salt RX, Fish Trucker hat), Gerber Camp Package (Principle Fixed Blade, pack hatchet, Devour Multi-fork), 2 pairs of Vortex Diamondback HD 10x42, 2 Traeger Scout Pellet Grills