Wisconsin BHA's Position on State Land Sale

The Issue:
The latest phase of state lands proposed for sale by the state of Wisconsin would result in the direct loss of 1,344 acres of high quality public hunting, fishing and recreational access. Sportsmen need to speak up to stop this state land sale to maintain this important backcountry habitat and our outdoor traditions!

In 2012 the Wisconsin state legislature passed a bill (2013 Wisconsin Act 20) that requires the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to offer for sale 10,000 acres of state-owned lands.

In June 2014, the Natural Resources Board approved the sale of 22 parcels (totaling 1,407 acres), as a part of the first phase of DNR land sales. In February 2016, the board approved the sale of an additional 81 parcels (totaling 5,633 acres) as part of the second phase of land sales.

While many of the state lands that have been sold to date were inaccessible to the public and had relatively low recreation and habitat values, this new proposal includes 12 parcels, totaling over 1,344 acres, that currently provide high quality public hunting, fishing and other recreational access.

What's at Stake:

What you can do:

  1. Sign Wisconsin BHA's petition urging the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Board to retain ownership of these state lands.
  2. Provide written comments to before the Oct. 21 deadline expressing opposition to the sale of these state lands. Comments should be submitted to Laurie J. Ross.
  3. Attend the next Wisconsin DNR meeting on Oct. 25-26 and provide testimony in opposition to this state land sale.
  4. Join Wisconsin Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.


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