Whiskey and Wine Tasting

Put on your best duds for our VIP Whiskey and Wine tasting on Friday, June 4th with Spotted Bear Distillery and Passalacqua Winery! Whether you’re itchin’ to rub elbows with Rendezvous VIP’s or just eager to sample BHA’s very own whiskey and wine, you’ll enjoy this unique experience. Expect a speech or two and some good laughs. Each ticket includes a bottle of whiskey or wine. Your choice. Sport coats and bolo ties aren't required for the men, but it’s not a bad idea!

Purchase your tickets on our main Rendezvous page now!

About Spotted Bear Spirit's Midnight Forest Bourbon Whiskey

Whether you're telling stories around a campfire, enjoying a wild game dinner with your family, or sitting on the banks of your favorite fishing hole, this new bourbon whiskey is the perfect complement. We like to say it pairs well with public lands and waters. 

Inscribed on the back, you'll find a shot of inspiration from biologist, hunter, author, and legendary conservationist Jim Posewitz:

"In early 1907, special interests in the U.S. Congress forced a political showdown, revoking President Theodore Roosevelt's authority to create new national forests. But The Bull Moose was not deterred. With only a few days before the new law took effect, Roosevelt worked day and night creating twenty-one new national forests and expanding eleven existing forests. TR's action was bold, and he ultimately created and conserved sixteen million acres of new public lands. These are the Midnight Forests.

Raise your glass in celebration of the Bull Moose and the gift of public lands and waters. Now it's your turn, take your best shot, be bold and carry on the legacy of American conservation."

About Passalacqua's 2018 BHA Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley

After a long day in the backcountry, continue your adventure with Passalacqua Wines. Their wines pair perfectly with what you hunt and forage and will enhance your tales around the campfire! They are made to enjoy with food, family and friends and pair with fresh air.

Tasting Notes
The nose is black plum, and bing cherry. The palate has some weight that is lifted with dried cranberry and dusty tannin, bringing to mind our beautiful red soils. The finish is long and structured, leaving your taste buds asking for more.

Production Notes
This is a limited, special bottling for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

Winemaker Notes
This wine is our interpretation of what the perfect Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel should be. It is comprised of some of our favorite vineyards in Dry Creek with the idea that the sum can be greater than the whole.

Cooperage Notes
Ten months in 100% French oak, one-third new