Dehydrators, grinders, vacuum sealers, jerky guns (how fun do those sound?) and sausage stuffers are just a few of the products made by our friends at Weston, our Corporate Partner of the Month. Weston has provided us with these products for our ongoing Field to Table Processing Series which features knowledgeable BHA members showcasing their skills and answering questions about the best ways to utilize the animals we harvest. We’ll also be using their products as we break down an entire bison at the upcoming North American Rendezvous, which promises to be informative and incredibly fun. Check out their incredible lineup of products, like their newly redesigned Butcher Series #22 Meat Grinder, which can grind 14 pounds in 1 minute! Even better, use promo code BHA21 and get 25% off your purchase. Thanks, Weston!

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