Western Track

Mid-September Elk Calling Tactics

September 14, 7pm Mountain Time

If you haven't bagged your bull by now chances are they are herded up and even harder to get within bow range. Learn some tips on how you can seal the deal when the eyes, ears and noses are stacked against you.

ty.stubblefield.jpgTy Stubblefield

Ty Stubblefield grew up in Oregon's Umpqua Valley with access to some of the West Coast's most diverse landscapes and wildlife. From coastal blacktails to desert mule deer and Rocky Mountain elk to rainforest Roosevelts, Ty has taken full advantage of the opportunity to seek out the wild critters and public lands Oregon has to offer.

At an early age he came to the realization that hunters and fishermen are the true conservationists and stewards of the land. Recognizing the need to give back, Ty jumped on the conservation bandwagon, getting involved with state policy while volunteering for Oregon Bow Hunters from 2001 to 2008. In 2008 he was blessed with the opportunity to work with Oregon's largest state-based conservation group, Oregon Hunters Association, as field administrator. In this position, he worked with Oregon hunters to help Oregon's wildlife, habitat and hunters' rights.

Joining BHA and the awesome people who make up this organization is the apex of his career in conservation! BHAers are an elite group of people who understand that these lands we hold so dear are not free and must be fought for. When not working for the betterment of wild public places and wildlife, he can be found enjoying them with a bow or fly rod in hand.

Road Trip Nutrition for your Bird Dog

September 21, 7pm Mountain Time

Seth Bynum

Seth Bynum, DVM (@birddogvet) is an Idaho-based veterinarian and BHA life member. He is also an avid upland hunter, turkey hunter and former journalist who operates a canine reproduction specialty practice while serving as adjunct faculty at Washington  State University. Fond of using both shotgun and camera in the field behind his German shorthairs, Dr. Bynum is also a contributing writer and photographer for MeatEater’s “Ask A Vet” series.



Western Mushroom Identification and Foraging Techniques

September 28, 7pm Mountain Time

Unlock the mysteries of wild edible mushrooms! Join Julian Iacobazzi in his backcountry laboratory for a LIVE presentation on foraging, identification, and propagation techniques. Q&A to follow.

Julian Iacobazzi

Growing up beneath the vast forests of the Pacific Northwest, Julian Iacobazzi feels at home amongst the old growth forests and wildernesses. This relationship continues today as Julian's lumber milling business, pack goat training, primitive survival skills and archery practice; provide countless of hours spent on public lands in his home state of Washington. As a past time, Julian enjoys hiking and camping in the backcountry, while observing and studying the multitude of flora, fauna, and fungi.


Adult Onset Hunting and Your First Bird Dog

October 5, 7pm Mountain Time

Hannah Nikonow, a communications specialist for a bird habitat conservation organization, and Courtney Bastian, of Claddagh Kennel and the Bird Dog Babe podcast, will lead a 30-minute seminar on adult-onset bird hunting and selecting and training your first bird dog.

Hannah Nikonow

Hannah Nikonow is a BHA life member and an adult-onset upland hunter who works for a bird habitat conservation organization, the Intermountain West Joint Venture, which is a program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. She’s been figuring out the art of upland hunting for the past eight years full of mistakes and amazing adventures. Hannah chases Rye, a 7-year-old wirehaired pointing griffon, and Bannack, an 8-month-old pudelpointer across the mountains and prairies of Montana and Wyoming.


Courtney Bastian

Courtney Bastian is a BHA member and she started upland hunting ten years ago, as a means to provide her German Wirehaired Pointers the opportunity to do what they were bred for. She works as a Canine Nutrition Consultant for Purina Pro Plan, assists her husband in training pointing breeds and raising German Wirehaired Pointers at Claddagh Kennel, and is the voice behind ‘The Bird Dog Babe Podcast’.


From the Hunt to the Dinner Table

October 12, 7pm Mountain Time

Sharing a plate of wildly harvested food is meaningful. There is a story to this plate that involves your sweat and blood, months of preparation, and most importantly an insight into your values and your relationship with our public lands, waters, and wildlife. Our speakers will be presenting their plates featuring wild game and foraged foods - sharing their inspiration and stories behind these dishes and walking you through the processes and techniques they used to make these dishes a reality from the field to the kitchen to the dinner table. Between them, our speakers have a range of experiences from a professional chef and wild game processor, to foraging expert, and adult-onset hunter. This event will have something for everyone and our speakers will be sharing recipes with RSVPs after the event.

Spencer Milne

Spencer is a self-taught hunter and angler that has been exploring the Colorado Rockies since moving from Georgia in 2015. Originally trained as a chef, Spencer fell in love with wild foods while picking porcinis in the Never Summer Mountains. Since then he has dipped his toe into just about every outdoor activity there is. From fly fishing to duck hunting, there isn't a time of year where he isn't out in the woods looking for his next meal. Spencer has been an active member of Colorado Backcountry Hunters and Anglers since 2016 and began leading events and cooking demonstrations in 2017. He graduated from CSU in May of 2020 with a degree in botany and is looking forward to continuing conservation work for years to come.


Orion Aon

Orion Aon is an avid hunter, fisherman, and forager with a passion for all things wild food! He was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM where he gained an interest in fishing and mushroom hunting at a young age. He moved to Fort Collins, CO in 2008 to study Natural Resource Management and Fisheries Biology at Colorado State University; choices shaped by his passion for the outdoors. Towards the end of his college career he became engrossed with hunting after one of his good friends offered to take him on a deer hunt. In 2015 Orion started Forage Colorado where he shares his passion for edible wild plants and mushrooms, writes educational content, and offers private foraging classes. He currently works as the Field Production Manager for the Colorado State Forest Service Nursery where he grows seedling trees for conservation, restoration, and reforestation efforts in Colorado and the surrounding states.

Gabby Zaldumbide

Gabby Zaldumbide has been a hunter and angler for two years. After growing up in southern Wisconsin, Gabby attended UW-Madison where she studied wildlife ecology. Today, she works for Hunt to Eat as their community manager, recently earned a master's degree in integrative and public land management, and volunteers with BHA as an assistant regional manager in Fort Collins, Colorado. When she's not exploring the great outdoors, Gabby enjoys reading, writing, and photography.