Letter: Western Sportsmen Support Full Funding of Land & Water Conservation Fund

April 22, 2014

016Dear Chairs Mikulski and Rogers and Ranking Members Shelby and Lowey:

Our organizations represents thousands of hunters and anglers from the American West who have a vital and vested interest in the sustainability and accessibility of quality fish and wildlife habitat for both present and future generations. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has played a critical role in conserving some of the West’s most important fish and wildlife habitat  and publicly accessible hunting and fishing areas. We request your support for full funding of LWCF in fiscal year 2015.


Some of the most memorable and iconic hunting and fishing experiences of the West can be found on public lands that have benefitted from LWCF funding. A few examples include: Montana’s Tenderfoot Creek, an 8,200 acre checkerboard consolidation in the Little Belt Mountains that is home to a large elk herd and world class wild trout fishing. This acquisition is currently being made possible by LWCF funds. The Greater Little Mountain area in Wyoming is one of the most popular hunting and fishing areas in the state, and LWCF funds were used to acquire the 11,179 acre Devil’s Canyon Ranch, a premiere hunting area with important herds of bighorn sheep, mule deer and elk. Another excellent LWCF success story is the Lake Mead National Recreation Area along the border of Nevada and Arizona. It remains one of the most popular fishing and boating destinations in both states and its fisheries are enhanced through LWCF dollars.

The Land and Water Conservation Fund is one of the West’s most important tools for conserving fish and wildlife habitat. These funds provide sportsmen’s access to millions of acres of land, supporting the multibillion dollar hunting and fishing economy. With the knowledge that quality access is among the greatest threats to the future of hunting and fishing in the Western United States, it is imperative that LWCF remain a priority for Congress.   

On behalf of Western sportsmen, we urge you to make the Land and Water Conservation fund a priority in fiscal year 2015 and beyond. 


  •   Anglers United
  •   Arizona Antelope Foundation
  •   Arizona Bass Federation Nation
  •   Arizona Chapter, National Wild Turkey Federation
  •   Arizona Council, Trout Unlimited
  •   Arizona Deer Association
  •   Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society
  •   Arizona Elk Society
  •   Arizona Flycasters Club
  •   Arizona Houndsmen’s Association
  •   Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation
  •   Arizona Wildlife Federation
  •   Coconino Sportsmen
  •   Northern Arizona Flycasters 
  •   Outdoor Experience 4 All
  •   South Eastern Arizona Sportsmen Club
  •   The BASS Federation
  •   Yuma Valley Rod and Gun Club
  •   1-2-3-Go
  •   California Deer Association
  •   California Trout
  •   California Waterfowl Association
  •   Northern California Council, International Federation of Fly Fishers
  •   Sacrament-Sierra Chapter, Trout Unlimited  
  •   Save Auburn Ravine Salmon and Steelhead
  •   Truckee River Chapter, Trout Unlimited
  •   Colorado Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  •   Colorado Bowhunters Association
  •   Colorado Council, Trout Unlimited
  •   Colorado Wildlife Federation
  •   Muley Fanatic Foundation of Colorado
  •   Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society
  •   Ada County Fish and Game League
  •   Henry’s Fork Foundation
  •   Idaho Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  •   Idaho Chapter, Safari Club International
  •   Idaho Chapter, Wild Sheep Foundation
  •   Idaho Council, Trout Unlimited
  •   Idaho Hunters Education Association
  •   Idaho Traditional Bowhunters
  •   Idaho Waterfowl Association
  •   Idaho Wildlife Federation
  •   The Poacher’s Club
  •   Big Sky Upland Bird Association
  •   Gallatin Wildlife Association
  •   Helena Hunters and Anglers
  •   Hellgate Hunters and Anglers
  •   Laurel Rod and Gun Club
  •   Montana Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  •   Montana Chapter, Wild Sheep Foundation
  •   Montana Sportsmen Alliance
  •   Montana Trout Unlimited
  •   Montana Wildlife Federation
  •   Park County Rod and Gun Club
  •   Public Land/Water Access Association
  •   Russell Country Sportsmen Association
  •   Dona Ana Consolidated Sportsmen
  •   New Mexico Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  •   New Mexico Wildlife Federation
  •   Southwest Consolidated Sportsmen
  •   Carson Valley Chukar Club
  •   Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife  
  •   Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn
  •   Friends of Nevada Wildlife
  •   Las Vegas Woods and Waters
  •   Nevada Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  •   Nevada Bighorns Unlimited
  •   Nevada Chukar Foundation
  •   Nevada Muleys
  •   Nevada Outfitters and Guides Association
  •   Nevada Sportsmen’s Unlimited
  •   Nevada Trappers Association
  •   Nevada Waterfowl Association
  •   Sagebrush Chapter, Trout Unlimited
  •   Southern Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife
  •   Truckee River Fly Fishers
  •   Wildlife Habitat Improvement of Nevada
  •   Association of Northwest Steelheaders
  •   Native Fish Society
  •   Oregon Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  •   Oregon Chapter, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
  •   Oregon Council, International Federation of Fly Fishers
  •   Oregon Council, Trout Unlimited
  •   Oregon Hunters Association
  •   Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation
  •   Wild Salmon Center
  •   Utah Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  •   Utah Chapter, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
  •   Utah Council, Trout Unlimited
  •   Utah Chukar and Wildlife Foundation
  •   Washington Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
  •   Washington Chapter, Wild Sheep Foundation
  •   Washington Council, Trout Unlimited
  •   Washington State Bowhunters
  •   Washington Waterfowl Association
  •   Wild Steelhead Coalition
  •   Bowhunters of Wyoming
  •   Muley Fanatic Foundation of Wyoming
  •   Wyoming Chapter, Wild Sheep Foundation
  •   Wyoming Council, Trout Unlimited
  •   Wyoming Federation of Union Sportsmen
  •   Wyoming Wildlife Federation

Photo courtesy of Greg Munther

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