Western Hunting for Texans - The best resources for Texans wanting to get into western hunting: YouTube edition


The second installment of this article series on helping Texans with western hunting dives into the YouTube world. There are a lot of hunting channels and videos on YouTube. However, I want to focus on channels that publish multiple videos or series that intentionally explain strategy and tactics, discuss gear, and are fun to watch.

Therefore, if you want to hunt out west and watch YouTube, here are five of the best YouTube channels that will show you what it’s like to head west and chase some wild game.


You may know of Argali from their ultralight game bags or backcountry knives, but did you know they started by making hunting films? Brad Brooks, the founder of Argali, has created amazing content for hunting in the backcountry. There are some great videos on this channel under the Field Notes title, including content on setting up a lightweight rifle, what to pack in your backpack, and picking the proper boots. These videos are great for someone just getting into the western hunting game and needing foundational help. The crowning jewel of the Argali channel has to be the hunt films. From chasing toms in the mountains to bow hunting on Kodiak island and everything in between, this channel has some great hunts. A key feature I appreciate about the Argali videos is that you can see the strategy and on-the-go problem-solving during the hunt. This is a great insight for any Texan heading into the backcountry to chase any wild game.


Born and Raised

Kody Kellom, Treavor Fisher, Trent Fisher, and Steve Howard have created a fantastic channel. The Born and Raised guys have put together a channel built around hunting western states and focusing on chasing those big bull elk. The guys break down some fantastic strategies for hunting elk with setup tips and calling techniques. Born and Raised release their videos in series so you can see how their tactics and strategy work throughout a season. With all the great technical stuff and help they provide, their content also has a great entertainment level. They don't hold back their excitement when shooting a giant elk or bear. It is just a group of friends going around and hunting together, making it very relatable to us. If you plan to chase bugling elk, this is the channel you must watch. They also like to chase turkeys out west, so it's more than just the big game they are after.

Favorite Video: THE REASON – EP.9 Last day… Last Chance

Brian Call: Gritty

I stated in the previous article on podcasts that listening to Brian Call break down a hunt is like hearing Nick Saban and Bill Belichick go over game film. Well, the YouTube channel is like sitting in the film room. The video content that Brian puts out is impressive. Bears, muleys, elk, caribou, moose, it’s all on there. He does a fantastic job explaining essential strategies and location tactics without blowing out a unit on YouTube.

Along with the technical side of hunting that Brian brings is the inspiration he gives in his videos. You can feel this guy's passion and determination for hunting, and it's infectious. Subscribing to Brian's YouTube channel will motivate you to become a better hunter and push your limits while learning from some of the best hunters he films in the world. If you aren't subscribed to this channel, stop reading and subscribe now.

Favorite Video: BIG MOUNTAIN BEARS – Ep. 2

Elk 101

Eat - sleep - hunt elk. That's Elk 101's motto; honestly, that's all these guys do. Elk 101 has great content, from how-to-call videos to day-by-day elk hunts. This must be your channel if you are new to western hunting, specifically elk hunting. What I appreciate about this channel are the details you learn in their daily hunt series.

Along with their hunt series videos, they have gear dump videos which are always helpful to someone just getting started. The most significant video resources on their YouTube channel are the videos on elk calling and setup strategies. Learning calling setups is crucial to success in the backcountry, and Elk 101 breaks it down and explains it for you. If you're like me, the first thing you bought for your elk hunt was a bugle tube, and you learned quickly that it's more complicated than it looks or sounds. You only realize how much you don't sound like an elk once you try, but these videos will have you making cow mews and bull chuckles in no time.

Favorite video: Learn to Use Diaphragm Elk Calls


Well, of course, the guys from GoHunt make this list. This channel covers everything. Hunt films, check. Gear reviews, check. Hunting planning, check. I love this channel because of how much content they cover. I’m a sucker for gear, and GoHunt has a whole string of videos called Gear Lists dedicated to gear reviews, backcountry food, truck essentials, and personal gear lists from the team. If you are in the planning stages of going on your first hunt or 50th, knowing your gear and how it works is crucial. Their Tips and Tricks videos dive into simple tips like deboning meat to strategic planning for hunts to e-scouting and planning out-of-state hunts, essential to us Texans heading to a different state. You can find videos on their channel breaking down application strategies under the Insider Tools list for individual states, and for us Texans, this is amazing. Finally, there are the GoHunt Originals. These are fantastic hunt films that they put out. They cover an array of hunts. You see everything: pronghorn, elk, bear, and mule deer. The GoHunt channel is a must-have if your western hunting YouTube subscription arsenal.

Favorite video: FIASCO – A Montana Spring Black Bear Hunt

Because there are so many options for YouTube Channels that are helpful, I want to drop a few Honorable Mentions:


This is the most recognizable name in hunting media right now. Meateater has stepped up its YouTube game. The channel has multiple helpful series, including On the Hunt with Janis Putelis, Gear Reviews, cooking and butchering videos, and the Meateater series. There is some fantastic western hunting content on Meateater, but it's less of a how-to and more of a statement, "this is western hunting." Meateater is relatively new to the YouTube world, and I am excited about what’s to come.

Favorite Video: On the Hunt – Montana Black Bear Hunting with Clay Newcomb

The Hunting Public

Although they primarily focus on chasing white-tailed deer and turkey across the Midwest, THP does venture out west to hunt. The Hunting Public crew is notorious for heading west to chase whitetails, pronghorns, and gobblers, and they are even getting into the elk game. These are the guys you want to hunt with. They are hilarious together and serious about hunting, and I can't wait to see what they come up with in future videos.

Favorite Video: COLORADO Bull with Bow

There are more channels and videos out there that we could add to this list, and YouTube channels can be beneficial. You can find any video for any hunting question or topic you have. Though this is an excellent resource for hunters from Texas heading west, we need to be careful that we actually go and don’t just become western hunting spectators. So, check out these channels, learn all you can from them, and then fill that tag.




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