Western Colorado University BHA Collegiate Club Recognized

The Western Colorado University (WCU) Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (BHA) Club was recognized as College Club of the Month for October 2019. As detailed in BHA’s October Backcountry Beat (see below), Club leaders and members have been organizing and/or hosting a seemingly non-stop series of events and activities in support of our wild public lands, waters and wildlife.

thumbnail.jpg“We are excited to highlight the Western Colorado University BHA club as October’s Collegiate Club of the Month. They have been busy holding an event every month this semester, from pint nights to work service projects, to get not only students but the local community involved in BHA’s mission. In August, the club held a pint night for the Gunnison Valley complete with a wild game potluck. In celebration of Public Lands Month in September the club led a cleanup of the Lost Canyon shooting range and packed out 1,200 pounds of trash.”[1]

“In October, they doubled up and held a Public Lands Film Fest and hosted a Bighorn Observation Program lecture. The program, run by Southwest Colorado Regional Director Dan Parkinson in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society, was open to the public and shared information about bighorn and domestic sheep interactions. Attendees were encouraged to get involved with this program through its citizen science opportunities.”[2]

“In November, the club will participate in its annual Hunting for Sustainability program at Timber to Table, where new hunters will spend the weekend learning the ins and outs of hunting from ethics and preparation to field dressing and butchering. They are also planning a women-led firearm safety training and a wild game chili cook-off to finish out the semester.”[3] 

“We have an outstanding team of hunter-angler-conservationists serving as Club officers,” WCU Club president Cody Chandler said. “These outstanding volunteers include Gabby Zaldumbide, Brendan Toft and Nicolas BequetTheir dedicated leadership, combined with the selfless efforts of our many other volunteers, has turbocharged our work on behalf of wildlands and wildlife.” 

“College Clubs are the future of hunting, angling and conservation,” Colorado BHA Co-Chair, David Lien (a former Air Force officer), added. “The future of our wilds public lands, waters and wildlife is truly in their hands, and the future looks bright based on what we see these public lands advocates accomplishing here in Colorado and across the country. We need many more like them!”

For additional information about BHA’s Collegiate Program, contact Collegiate Club Coordinator Kylie Schumacher ([email protected]). For information about the Western Colorado University BHA Club, contact Cody Chandler ([email protected]).

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