Western Canada Coordinator

Aliah.adams.knopff.jpgAliah Adams Knopff 

Aliah is passionate about exploring the amazing opportunities that North America’s backcountry affords. From canoe trips with her kids to sneaking away for a sheep hunt with her husband, she is happiest sleeping in a tent and waking up to a day of adventure.

Aliah’s keen interest in wilderness and conservation led her to pursue joint undergraduate degrees in environmental science and international relations followed by a M.Sc. in ecology from the University of Alberta, where she studied cougar-human interactions in west-central Alberta. Over the past six years, Aliah’s work as an environmental consultant has allowed her to continue to study Alberta’s large mammals, including projects focused on mountain goats, bighorn sheep, cougars and bears.

As the Western Canada coordinator for BHA, Aliah is excited to focus her work on the conservation of fish and wildlife habitat and the opportunity for adventure on Alberta’s public lands.


Contact Aliah: 


[email protected]