West Virginia Welcomes First BHA Club at West Virginia University

BHA's Collegiate Program grows by another this month with the addition of West Virginia University, the first BHA club in the state. With the title of fastest-forming club in the program's history, we have some first rate leaders on our hands. Here are the students that led the charge to bring our public lands mission to WVU.

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Oliver Classen 

Oliver is a West Virginia native hunter & angler with a big heart for the state! He is dedicated to conserving the state's habitat for its diverse native species, and knows that West Virginia can be wild & wonderful with the best of them. Oliver wants to ensure the next generation has the opportunity to experience the pure wilderness public lands have to offer. He also believes that things just taste better outside, and is passionate about showing others how amazing wild game can be around a campfire.

Samsher Dhaliwal 

Sam Dhaliwal is a currently a law student at West Virginia University College of Law. He grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania, and enjoys hunting for whitetail deer, turkey, and squirrels and chasing all kinds of fish primarily with a fly rod. The majority of his recreation occurs on public land and water in West Virginia. Without public land, Sam recognizes that his opportunity to pursue these passions would almost disappear, and moreover, suitable habitat would be considerably diminished. With a background in law centered around clean water and natural resources, he believes BHA has the most politically diverse and capable means of conserving our public lands and the animals that live there.

Jacob Lam

Jacob is an undergraduate student in Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation at West Virginia University. He transferred from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, where he grew up hunting and fishing in the Appalachian Mountains. Recently, he has spent most of his recreational time hunting ruffed grouse with his German Shorthair, Annie. He cares about protecting public lands and waters because they harbor the wildlife to feed his family, insulation from development, and vast areas to roam.

Andrew "AJ" Rock

As the hunter behind the West Virginia Waterfowl Instagram account, AJ Rock, celebrates both the hunting experience and the migrating ducks themselves. Because AJ did not grow up in a hunting family, he acquired much of his foundational hunting and outdoor recreation knowledge from reading, videos, and friends. He uses that experience to attract other would-be conservationists to the sport, welcoming every level of experience for fishing, hunting and cooking. AJ is from Leesburg, VA and is currently a junior in the Sports Management program at West Virginia University.

About Kylie Schumacher

I am the Collegiate Program Coordinator for BHA overseeing all of our college clubs and student members. I'm a mediocre hunter, terrible angler, wild game eater, wannabe chef, and dog mom.

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