West Slope CO BHA Members Lead Habitat Improvement Project

Screen_Shot_2019-09-05_at_12.38.12_PM.pngColorado BHA's Brett Jones recently led a group of volunteers on a habitat improvement project on the Uncompaghre Plateau. This project was done in coordination with CPW and focused on the removal of Pinyon Juniper regrowth. These areas have been identified and previously treated as target areas that historically have produced communities of Mountain Mahogany, Sagebrush and other shrub communities. These shrubs are a vital component for increasing pounds of forage per acre throughout the year in this area. These areas have seen a re-growth of Pinyon Juniper that if left untreated, will interfere with the regrowth of these shrub communities that are so vital to wintering wildlife. The District Wildlife Manager (DWM) asked that we help with this removal to increase food options for the wildlife in this area specifically Mule Deer.

We had a great group of volunteers working on the project to treat the area identified by local DWM Kevin Duckett and coordinated with FS Wildlife Biologist Eric Freels to make sure this area was the best use of our time. In all, we treated about 10 acres of critical shrub communities that have Sage and Serviceberry coming back very strong to allow for increased forage on the landscape.  

We had a chance to talk about what projects like this mean to us and ultimately to the wildlife.  We had a gentleman join us that is very interested in learning to hunt and we talked about a possible hunting mentor relationship.

IMG_1027.JPGPublic Lands Month:

September is Public Lands Month, it's the time of year that many of us shape our lives around, the time we spend in the field every Fall in pursuit of wild game. Many of our most important memories, lessons, and relationships are formed during this time, out on public lands, immersed in our rich hunting heritage. It's important that we take stock of this, that we remember the importance of our public lands and wildlife, and that we take ownership of their future. We are the voice for our public lands and wildlife, we are the boots on the ground defending the places, wildlife, and values that matter so much to all of us - and we need your help.

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A quick an easy way you can make a difference is by signing up to become a member of BHA today. If you join during the month of September, you will also receive a free BHA Public Land Owner t-shirt.

Public Lands Pack Out:

Throughout Public Lands Month BHA members across North America will be participating in our Public Land Pack Out, a chapter-to-chapter competition aimed at ridding our shared lands and waters of as much trash as possible. BHA members can compete through organized clean up events or individually by packing out trash while hunting or fishing. All pack-out entries recorded through BHA’s website between September 1st–30th will be compiled by BHA and the chapter who packs out the most trash will be announced during the 1st week of October. 

If you would like to volunteer for future projects in the Grand Valley Region please contact: Brien Webster, Colorado & Wyoming Chapter Coordinator.

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