We’re proud to announce that Weatherby is our Corporate Partner of the Month. They’ve really upped their support of BHA and our efforts to protect our wild public lands and waters since moving to Sheridan, Wyoming, last year. They’ve donated rifles for our sweepstakes and our 2020 Virtual Rendezvous, are sponsoring our Hike to Hunt Challenge, and have worked with us to offer five new firearms as life membership incentives! You can choose from an Upland Element shotgun, Vanguard Synthetic Compact, Vanguard First Lite, or two different Mark V rifles, the Weathermark and the Camilla Ultralight rifle, which was designed by women for women. The rifles – and people – at Weatherby are first class, and we’re excited to have Weatherby as a corporate partner. If you’d like to check out some of the finest rifles and shotguns made anywhere, go to And, if you want to hear Adam Weatherby tell a doozy of a public lands story, tune in to our Virtual Rendezvous, June 1-6. 

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