Water Flows Again in the Black Range

br1.jpgMany thanks to hunter, conservationist and BHA member Norm Gruner as well as Andrew Gruner, Mark Hakkila (BHA, RMEF and MDF member), RMEF and MDF, for fixing a critical water source.While hunting in the Gila in 2018, Norm and his fellow bowhunters went to check out a watering hole in the area. When they arrived they had discovered a bear had chewed through the wiring and the well was not functioning. In 2020 he drew the same hunt and found the water hole was still inoperable and bone dry. He then collaborated with the USFS, RMEF, MDF and BHA and Manny Garcia, owner and operator of Sunspot Solar in Las Cruces, to get water flowing again! Manny generously donated all of the solar equipment and installation labor while the conservation groups contributed funds and manpower. Deer, elk and other wildlife are visiting this water once again. Norm is a great example of a hunter conservationist and we are proud to call him a member. To lend a hand on projects like this in the future please email us at [email protected] 
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As the Southwest BHA Coordinator Katie supports Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. When she's not working for BHA she is shooting her bow, roaming the wide open spaces of the west and experimenting with wild game recipes.

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