WA BHA Supports HB 1632: OHV Identification, Enforcement & Road Access

Washington Backcountry Hunters & Anglers is working hard in support of HB 1632, a bill which would require all all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and utility terrain vehicles (UTV’s) to display a visible identification in exchange for limited legal road access. A portion of the revenue generated through the sale of license plates would be dedicated to a safety training program for OHV use. While the scope of road use that would be permitted by this legislation is still up for debate, there is little question that both sportsmen and wildlife stand to benefit a great deal from the visible OHV identification required by this legislation. A visible identification would remove the current anonymity that ATV users experience, while also aiding in enforcement efforts by both officers and fellow public land users.

BHA members Gregg Bafundo and Tisha Kennell are leading the effort to ensure HB 1632 passes alongside our partners at Trout Unlimited. Tisha and Gregg have worked to develop substantial support from the OHV community, which includes the Eastern Washington ATV Association, a Polaris dealership and the Gifford Pinchot OHV Alliance. WA BHA believes the resulting legislation would be a win for sportsmen, wildlife and OHV users alike and we’re doing all that we can to ensure it passes.

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