WA Accomplishments


Washington Chapter Board Members gather for annual Leadership Meeting in Chelan, WA. (2019)

Highlights from 2018:

  • Seven letters written at the state and federal level addressing the protection of public lands in WA (Senate Bill 6140), sustainable road systems in the Skykomish, support for LWCF renewal, recommendations on the Colville forest plan, and protection of the Methow Headwaters among others
  • Over $5K of WA Chapter funds contributed towards mountain caribou recovery, a wildlife crossing along Highway 97, and stream access signage
  • Boots on the ground volunteer work restoring habitat along the Toutle river, removing fencing in Vantage and the Methow, and relocating beavers into the backcountry
  • Educational opportunities for members including wildlife tracking, bear spray training, and a hunting seminar at JBLM
  • Social events including the 2nd Annual Filson Storytelling Night, Access Freedom 3D Shoot, and Wild Game Feed
  • Hosted over 10 pint nights across the state from Spokane, Wenatchee, and Yakima to downtown Seattle and Bellingham
  • Representation of BHA at key events across the state, including Red's Rendezvous, the NW Mountain Challenge, EWA Flyfest, the WA Sportsmen's Show, and the Spokane Great Outdoors Expo among others

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