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With public lands issues taking center stage in numerous races across the country, the votes of sportsmen and women represent an increasingly powerful force. Your vote is the single most powerful way to make sure your voice is heard – in Washington, D.C., and state legislatures across the country. Like you, our members are hungry for information about the values of those who are seeking our votes. And as for the candidates themselves? We’re putting them on notice: We hunt, and we fish, and we Vote Public Lands and Waters.

To help inform and empower November voters, we’re releasing a series of state-based questionnaires that highlight the stances taken by candidates running for elected office on issues affecting our natural resources. We will be rolling out additional state coverage over the coming days.



New Mexico 

Historically, midterm elections have had smaller turnouts than general elections. Help remind people that their November votes matter by:

Wearing a Vote Public Lands and Waters t-shirt.

Displaying a Vote Public Lands and Waters stickers.

Encouraging them to Register to Vote. 

Finding their correct Polling Location

We also encourage non-members to join Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, the voice for your public lands, waters and wildlife. Your support will help BHA continue to hold our elected officials accountable. Join now.

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