Video: Defending the Clean Water Act with conservation director, John Gale

On March 29th BHA’s conservation director, John Gale, went live on Instagram to discuss the proposed rule changes to the Clean Water Act. The current administration has proposed a shift in policy that, if implemented, would leave nearly 51% of America’s wetlands and 18% of its streams vulnerable to development and pollution. Such a drastic reversal of protections would compromise wildlife habitat and access to clean water across the country.

Along with our partners, we have been working hard to stand up for a strong Clean Water Act that protects our way of life. Like a lot of complex policy, there is some uncertainty in what these proposed rule changes mean for our landscape and why the modifications in protections are being proposed.

In the Instagram live video below, John clarifies the strength of the 2015 rule making process, dispels some of the myths about federal overreach of the Act and answers several of the audiences’ questions.

We all live, hunt and fish downstream. This issue is important to all of us. Tune in to get informed on the issue and then help us take action. Make a public comment in support of clean water by April 15th and encourage your fellow public land owners to do the same. Collectively, our voices can help shape the way our lands and waters are managed. Let's use them and speak up for our waters



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