Utah State Land Sale Petition

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The state of Utah is currently spearheading a massive state land sell-off. We need your help to stop it! 

Under the latest sale being considered, approximately 4,000 acres of state lands, much of which currently offers high quality public hunting access for mule deer, elk and upland birds, would be lost forever. On Oct. 19, the state is planning again to remove public hunting grounds from the public trust and transfer them to the highest bidder through a state land auction.  As BHA member Ivan James puts it, "To give you an idea of how good the habitat on one of these sections is, on a recent hunt, after getting busted on a stalk and spooking nine deer off the section, I still had three more stalks that evening and more deer were there or entering the section when legal shooting hours were over."

Utah sportsmen and women simply cannot afford to lose this important habitat and irreplaceable public hunting access. Join Utah BHA in urging the state to reconsider this proposed state land sale.

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