USU College Club Leads Spawn Creek Fence Removal Project

This past Saturday on National Public Lands Day the Utah State University BHA Club led a successful habitat improvement project in Spawn Creek, removing over a quarter mile of barbed wire fencing and packing it out several miles. Although the fence has done its job in keeping cattle away from the creek it was in need of an upgrade. Removing the fencing before the winter months when cattle are off-range will open up migration pathways for moose, mule deer and elk. In addition, Spawn Creek is home to a unique subspecies of cutthroat trout only found in the Bear River drainages and its tributaries. The Bear River Cutthroat, beavers, grouse and other wildlife will undoubtedly benefit from the hard work of our dedicated volunteers. Now that phase one of the project is complete we are in a great position to implement phase two. 
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This spring before cattle return volunteers will help with the installation of bucking pole style fencing. This new fencing will ensure continued protection of this important aquatic and riparian habitat during cattle grazing while allowing our treasured big game to move more freely during the winter months. Many thanks to USU Chapter Club VP Tyler Coleman and the wonderful team he organized including members of BHA and other local conservation groups, Chris Wilson from the Cache Anglers Trout Unlimited Chapter, Fisheries Biologist Paul Chase with the US Forest Service and photographer Aaron Smith. We'd also like to thank Yeti for providing tumblers for our volunteer team.
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Interested in helping with phase two of the Spawn Creek project this spring? Email Tyler Coleman at [email protected]
Photos by Aaron Smith, [email protected] Instagram @mrwerbs
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