Traeger Grills

We’re proud to announce that Traeger Grills is our Corporate Partner of the Month! Traeger is a tremendous supporter of BHA and our mission to protect wild public lands, waters and wildlife. Not only do they provide much needed funding; they're also generous with product donations.

Even more impressive is how they showed up at the Rendezvous: The Traeger crew pulled their trailer from Utah to Missoula and lost a wheel somewhere in the middle of the night, causing a major delay. They dealt with it and showed up with big smiles on their faces. Then, after several local food trucks who were scheduled to serve food on Friday night backed out at the last minute, Traeger stepped up and made beef sliders for EVERYONE. Not only that, but the following night, Saturday, they stepped up again and cooked massive bison burgers for the whole crowd and collected donations in the process...100 percent of which went to BHA.

We can’t thank the crew at Traeger Grills enough. They are tremendous partners and entirely dedicated to protecting our wild public lands, waters and wildlife. Check out their line of incredible products at


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