The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Club

The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Club successfully pulled off their 2nd annual Gear & Beer Bash: A Night Out for Conservation. They partnered with the Wisconsin Sharp-tailed Grouse Society to keep some of the funds raised on the ground the to protect native wildlife and their habitat. With over 15 raffle packages, two grand prize packages, donated trips, and games to win like Plinko, the club raised over $10,000 (one of the biggest fundraisers in Collegiate Program history!). The club was able to get their local brewery (who also served as the event venue) to brew an exclusive beer for the event, the Sharp-tail Blonde Ale. The brewery, District 1, is generously donating 5% of the beer sales back to BHA. Their success was due to strong local relationship building, an entire semester of planning, and hours of hard work by the team at UWSP BHA - which is why we’re excited to announce that they're our February Chapter of the Month!

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