Texas Leadership Opportunities

Texas BHA is united by a passion to safeguard the public lands and waters that support our hunting and angling traditions and enrich our lives. We invite you to become a part of our team and directly contribute to preserving quality habitat and outdoor access for current and future generations. 

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Events Chair

The Events Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 2 years. Weekly time commitment: 4-6 hours depending on scheduled events.

The Events Chair is tasked with bolstering TX BHA’s presence and fundraising capacity through unique and engaging events such as film fests, storytelling events, wild game tastings and more. They will ID volunteers, delegate tasks, handle logistics, research and secure venues, and develop partnerships, budgets, pricing structure and promotion details. They will work closely with the TX BHA Board and Public Outreach Committees and, in some cases, the Southwest Chapter Coordinator to see that chapter events run smoothly and help us welcome more hunters and anglers than ever before into the BHA family.

Public Outreach Committee Chair

The POC Chair has board voting privileges and a term of 3 years. Weekly time commitment: 3-5 hours depending on scheduled events

The POC Chair is tasked with mobilizing and empowering Regional Coordinators and their local POC committee members to execute the goals of Texas BHA as defined by the chapter board. The POC Chair will act as the conduit between Regional Coordinators and the chapter board, helping to fast-track event approval and coordination, handle budget approvals through the Executive Committee or voting board, and facilitate gear transfer between locations. The POC Chair will also train and support Regional Coordinators and POC members to ensure smooth operations and help new leaders engage with BHA’s mission in a meaningful way. The POC Chair is tasked with building our on the ground funnel to engage new future leaders with the Texas BHA board.

Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager does not have voting privileges and has a term of 3 years. Weekly time commitment: 4-5 hours depending on events, policy & stewardship execution

The Social Media Manager plays a crucial role in advancing our mission to promote conservation and public access and raise awareness about the challenges facing hunting and fishing in Texas. By managing our social media platforms, they will inspire the hunt/fish community to take part in Texas BHA community events, policy, and stewardship work and provide coverage of TX BHA events, meetings, and activities. This person will develop and publish compelling original content (including posts, videos, etc.) and share canned content and promotions provided by BHA HQ. They will work closely with our Communications Chair to ensure consistent messaging and branding across all channels. The Social Media Manager will continue building and engaging with our growing online community including responding to or flagging comments and fostering connections between the chapter and new contacts. Useful skills for this role are a passion for and understanding of hunting, fishing, and conservation in Texas, an understanding of social media management, current trends, and platforms, and excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Region 1 Coordinator:

Regional Coordinators do not have voting privileges and have a term of 3 years. Weekly time commitment: 2-3 hours depending on scheduled events

Each Regional Coordinator shall act as a local leader and “boots-on-the-ground” representative of their region. Regional Coordinators will work directly with the POC Chair and their local network of volunteers to execute the goals of Texas BHA as defined by the chapter board. These leaders are encouraged to meet and know the elected representatives in their region (e.g. village, city and county), as well as other conservation organizations and state and federal wildlife and land managers. They will represent their region to the Public Outreach Committee Chair to ensure a flow of information “from the ground up.” And, in turn, they shall represent TXBHA within their region in a professional manner according to TXBHA’s mission and values.


Volunteer on Your Region's Public Outreach Committee

If you are interested in being notified of volunteer opportunities in your area like pint nights, cleanups, R3 events, policy initiatives and cleanups please email your name, address, email and phone to the Public Outreach Committee Coordinator in your area. 

Region 1 - DFW, Lubbock, Amarillo: 

Region 2 - Austin, San Antonio, Big Bend Country, El Paso: Reagan Evans

Region 3 - Brownsville, Texarkana, Houston, College Station: Logan Hope



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