Texas BHA - Spring Public Lands Work Day

TX BHA is proud to announce our 1st spring Public Lands Work Day, and we'd like to invite you to rally your family and friends, BHA members and non-members alike, to take part in this event at one of the various public properties across Texas, all of which allow public hunting and/or fishing.

We've organized clean-up and maintenance projects for Saturday, March 2 at various public properties across Texas. Check out the list below to find a project in your area!  



Region & Property

Austin - Granger Lake PHL, Click here for more info & to RSVP

Dallas - Tawakoni WMA, Click here for more info & to RSVP 

Plano - Lake Lavon, Click here for more info & to RSVP

Fort Worth - LBJ National Grasslands, Click here for more info & to RSVP

Houston - Sam Houston National Forest, Click here for more info & to RSVP

San Antonio - Guadalupe River State Park, Click here for more info & to RSVP

San Angelo - Twin Buttes Reservoir, Click here or more info & to RSVP

For more information regarding these Public Lands Work Day projects stay tuned to future email updates, our social media (Texas BHA Facebook, Texas BHA Instagram), or email the contact person for each location (contact info available on each event page).


Volunteer Lunch and Supplies Provided 

TX BHA will provide lunch to participants at all locations except Twin Buttes (our apologies) and supplies will be provided but we do recommend wearing durable clothing and bringing work gloves, water and sun protection. 


Why Work Projects Matter

Please join us in supporting our public properties by (i) helping to ensure that our public treasures offer a safe, clean, and satisfying user experience for ourselves and others, (ii) showing the public and public land managers that we, public land sportsmen, are the true stewards of the lands/waters that we utilize, and (iii) provide further justification to other public land managers for expanding access and opportunity on properties under their jurisdiction.  All age groups are welcome, so please bring friends, kids, family, hunting/fishing buddies, etc. and help us make this a success.

Other Ways to Help

We understand that Texas is a big state, so if the designated properties below are not feasible to get to but you're still interested in participating, here are 2 options where you still can:

1)  We invite you... no, we challenge you... to take the lead in organizing and recruiting for a clean-up on a nearby public property and we'll add it to the list below.  TX BHA will provide tips for organizing and we'll promote it, so let us know if you are up for this.

2) If that first option doesn't suit you, then perhaps you'll consider making it a family or personal affair and take a few hours (or more/less) to pick up trash from a public property that provides you with outdoor recreation.  Be sure to take pics and post to TX BHA's Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter to help us generate the BHA buzz. 

The public lands that we've chosen to target welcome public use, so we are also recruiting other user groups to join the effort as well.  Let's make sure that hunters and anglers show up in force and represent!

Thank you for your commitment to public lands and see on you on March 2nd! 

About Katie DeLorenzo

As the Southwest BHA Coordinator Katie supports Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. When she's not working for BHA she is shooting her bow, roaming the wide open spaces of the west and experimenting with wild game recipes.

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