Tennessee Board

Chapter Chair: Joey Bell, Nashville, TN.



Joey Bell grew up on a farm in middle Tennessee.  It was during his life there, he learned the value of hard work, respect for animals, and how to be a steward of the land by tending crops and maintaining habitat for wildlife. 

His love for public lands was cultivated in the Duck River where he spent many days catching catfish and smallmouth bass as well as the occasional duck hunt in the winter.  With a passion for the outdoors and preservation of our wildlife, he joined BHA immediately after hearing about their mission to protect our public lands.  He knew he wanted to become involved and quickly volunteered for leadership roles within the Southeast Chapter."



Co-Vice Chair: Drew Loschke, Nashville, TN

I believe that BHA will fight for me, but not just for me, but for “the number within the womb of time…the unborn generations."



Co-Vice Chair: Gerald Cook, Nashville, TN


Gerald Cook took his first week-long backcountry trip when he was 6 years old, paddling & portaging the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness with his dad. Since that time he’s spent many a night in backcountry camps around the country hiking, hunting or fishing. He’s fished “Bucket List” states and rivers, hunted waterfowl in 3 of the 4 flyways, followed his bird dog on upland hunts and hiked over 3 different continental divides in North America. Although he resides in Tennessee he has contributed conservation dollars to 12 different states (and counting) through licensing. Next on the list: a cast & blast return trip to Alaska. 

Gerald’s passion for Public Land began in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and he fuels that passion often with return trips. He fights passionately for clean water, access, and conservation.



Treasurer: Kurt Holmes, Nashville, TN



I grew up hunting, fishing and exploring our public lands and waters in West TN.  It is that time that nurtured my deep appreciation and love for the natural world. I joined BHA because I wanted to be involved with an organization that would work to protect our wild places. 


Jonathon Simerly, Roan Mountain, TN


I grew up on a small farm in the Appalachian Mountains, tucked in the Northeast corner of Tennessee. It was those mountains that molded my curiosity and passion for the outdoors. At an early age I took to the woods looking for any excuse not to be inside. Squirrel and rabbit hunting, catching salamanders in the nearby streams and branches, and cutting trails would account for the majority of my childhood.
As an adult I pursued a career in the outdoors, a career that would take me all over the nation suppressing wildfires. It was while working on the fire crew that I was able to experience many of the different landscapes and wildlife our public lands had to offer.Through that career and those experiences my knowledge of land and wildlife management grew. The way of life I experienced is the reason I joined BHA. Being from Northeast Tennessee I am blessed with an abundance of public land. I couldn’t imagine these wild places not existing for my daughters and future generations, and that is why I fight for public lands.

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