Summer 21 North Carolina Chapter News


  • Hunters across North Carolina are preparing to hunt our public lands on Sundays this fall for the first time in 150 years. There is still work yet to do on Sunday hunting regulations in NC, but BHA's North Carolina chapter is celebrating a significant win for access and opportunity.

  • Members are coming together again as the country moves beyond Covid. Hyper-local, member-led NC BHA groups are called Councils. Together with BHA Armed Forces Initiative and Collegiate Program clubs, North Carolina continues to deepen and broaden its grassroots in the state, while growing member opportunities to actively engage in conservation. To learn more, email chapter leadership at [email protected].

  • The NC chapter board welcomes two new members: Marty Bartram as our AFI Coordinator and Jacob Lishen as our Marketing Coordinator. Their qualifications for the positions are outmatched only by their passion for public lands and waters. We’re lucky to have them!
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