Stock your Tacklebox with Boots-on-the-Ground Wisdom

Stock your Tacklebox with Boots-on-the-Ground Wisdom

We asked Backcountry Hunters & Anglers’ Facebook Tribe this question:

If you had to choose one fly or lure to fish with for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DaredevleWe learned some things. One, you are an opinionated bunch. Also, perhaps you just like to say “woolly bugger.” Either way, here are some recommendations to keep in mind next time you’re at the tackle shop. 

• Dardevle Spoon (This was by far the most popular lure. Classic that still works.)

• Wooly Bugger (This was by far the most popular fly, although folks did quibble about black, brown, cone-head and Chewbacca.)

• Almost ANY Panther Martin (Panther Martin was almost as popular as the Daredevle. Some like gold, some like yellow, some craft their own.)

• Kastmaster

• San Jaun worm

• Small, jointed Rapala, or Cubby jig

• Renegade fly

woolly-bugger• No.4 Brown and Gold Matuka Muddler w/ a dubbed muskrat & hares ear body.

• 4-inch gray and black Rapala floater-diver

• Purple Egg-Sucking Leech

• Prince Adams

• Muddler minnow

• Bead-head nymph

• Bead-head flashback pheasant tail

• Broken-back Rapala

 • Skitter Pop (“because top water hits are way more fun!”)

panther martin• “Any brightly colored Worm Harness w/worm...”

• Good n’ Plenty

• Pheasant (tail) nymph

• Flashback nymph

• Any streamer

• Little Cleo

• Wulff Adams dry fly...Size 16.

• yellow stimulator

• Bead-head hare's ear or an orange soft hackle.

• Olive leech

royal wulff• #2 Blue Fox gold.

• A suspending Shad Rap, light blue with a pearl belly.

• Elk hair caddis (olive tone)

• Renegade. (“Used it as a kid. Still use it now.”)

• Thomas Bouyant lure in a pearl white base with trout spots and a brass back.

• Royal Wulff

• Prince Nymph

• Wedding ring, (a red/black wedding ring always works)

• Al's Goldfish lure

• Orange stimulator dry fly

• Parachute hoppers

• Litterbug popper

• Rapala

• Mustad hook and nightcrawlers.

• Mepp’s silver spinner #0.

• Royal Coachman;

• Floating Rapala

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